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Got order without conversation


I got order without any messages or conversation with the client. I am just surprised at what happened. Please give me some suggestion how to handle this.


That is fairly common. If you have all of the information you need to complete the gig, then do so. :slightly_smiling_face:


he jusr sent me website credential to log in but no requirement he mentioned.


Message buyer and ask for requirements. If they do not respond, all you can do is wait.

If the clock has started and it gets close to delivery time contact CS to either extend time or cancel order.

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I hope the buyer will response in time.

But in this scenario if the clock has started and OP don’t get proper information from the buyer and finally need to cancel then the order. The order completion rate will be down and OP’s seller profile will be affected badly. Who would be responsible for this, the OP or the Fiverr system?

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If the clock has started it is the OP’s responsibility to contact CS for an extension, because if they do not:


There are tons of Gigs those offer 24 hour delivery.
How long before of deadline do you recommend the seller to contact CS for time extension when sometimes CS may take 48h or more to response?


you are lucky. But if you need to avoid this in future you can put a not in your description as " please do not place an order without contacting me. it will help to avoid misunderstanding" :blush:


Thank you very much all of you. Before 3 or 4 hours at the end of order time, client reply me and I did it. I got also nice feedback . I am very happy. Happy to use Fiverr and get all of you.


That is great finally! However I suggest you to edit your gig with a note

That please conatct before you order. This will help you to stop people from ordering without convo because I too feel like insecure when people never contact at first

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it was written. May be client didn’t see this.


Often the clients do not read the gig description. :roll_eyes:


right. Thanks a lot.