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Got orders without complete details


A buyer order and didn’t give website URL. Now I opened a resolution to extent time until she gives details. However my order shows

You offered to extend the delivery time of the order.
madisonnelson77 needs to respond within the next 4 days,
or the order will be automatically canceled.

But the timer is running only 9 hours left. After 9 hours will my order be marked late


You can use mandatory requirements in your requirement page - it may help this (not stop) not happen in the future?

Not sure about the timer thingy though I’m afraid.


I used all important requirements like login details I wanted

The buyer has just given username and password while not mentioned the website I need to access


Same happens to me, when deliver order after 3 days buyer contact me


I extended delivery because I have no details. If I deliver order empty and buyer complains my account can get banned.

So now I asked to extend time only matter is timer is still running. I am worried if my order will be marked late


URL should be the first mandatory requirement :wink:


I guess it never happened as login details includes website too.

Or you mean I should put website url


login details apart


2 separate requirements so it’s clear what’s needed

  • URL
  • credentials