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Got positive feedback, but I can't rate it back

So, on one of my Gigs, I already received feedback, and it’s even on the Gig’s page. However, I can’t add feedback myself because fiverr is acting as though the buyer’s feedback was never received.

Has any come across this? Did you fix it?

I got positive feedback and one hour later it turned into a thumbs down, and the buyer posted a message on her profile page that Im a wonderful person she is very happy with my work and left me a thumbs up and cant even send me a message.

I tried to leave her positive feedback and got 2 different error pages.

So be glad the site didnt’ turn your positives to negatives like it did to me.

After seeing your post, and that of another member who has been unable to leave feedback on an order received, it seems like a technical glitch of some sort. If it continues with more orders, you’re probably going to need to file a ticket with customer service and see if they can help out or fix it.