Got promoted to level 2 and no more sales


Hey everyone,

Is this normal? Since I got promoted to level 2… I am getting no more orders. I added other interesting gig and no sales at all… I used to get at least 2 or 3 sales a day which would help a lot… but now… it has been like a week and a half I get 0 sales. Is it normal? I offer some new gig that are very interesting… some of them not even offered here… like creating an app for your facebook page allowing you to give coupons to your customers… I seriously get no message an no sales at all… :frowning: What to do?


Be patient. The gigs will be back. There was a week when I got no orders as well, then they came back like a flood. You do great work, so hang in there!


I’m also a level two seller. There are days that go by where I get no orders. I try to self promote and think of ways to better get my gig noticed. I’m hoping for some orders today! Right now I just have one more to fulfill but in fairness, its a five order purchase so I’ll be busy for a while!



same happening here


promote your gigs like there is no tomorrow… Do not sit back and say tomorrow is another day… it is… Another day with no sales. Don’t bother getting backlinks to the gigs, except bookmarking them, this does work to an extent.

Promote them hard on social media… and set up a blog and try and get it to rank but do not sit back waiting for sales to come in. That is what everyone else is doing and you need to put yourself above everyone else. I’m sure you know what else to do as there are enough threads on here about it.


My buyers are slowly coming also and most are repeat buyers. I have seen only one of my gigs only after 20 - 30 pages. Forum says certain things but I see others ads consistently. So I have no idea how fiverr is really rotating these gigs so ppl see them.


I’m getting a lot of repeat buyers. Hoping to generate traffic to some of my newer gigs so making an effort to push them!



I have noticed that work comes in waves. A few days ago, I was getting so many orders in a row that I was amazed.

They come and go. I expect they’ll speed up again.

I have been developing a few gigs that I want to launch very soon. I would say tweaking your gigs and finding ways to self promote in the meanwhile are good.

I’m personally going for a “slow” build here. I want good solid gigs. I’m trying to get overnight success out of my mind because life doesn’t work that way.

"Good things come to those who wait."

Use a lull in activity to try and make stuff better.


Same to me… But I am on Level ONE


Thanks for your support! :slight_smile: