Got ripped off and a strike


Got the strike for typing " So do you troll and f@#* with everybody that doesn’t leave you a tip?" I don’t believe I deserve one for that. I will definitely be more careful in the future. At least I got something I can use when Halloween rolls around.


I am sorry that happened to you. But the seller added a Halloween pumpkin head popping out of your video made me LOL, eventhough I´m sure you don´t think it´s funny at all.


So, why did you get a strike from Fiverr? That tends to indicate poor behavior on your behalf. Having written a pumpkin-based erotica book (yes, it was deliberately silly, and also halloween themed), I am also laughing at the pumpkin head.


If he didn’t deliver wht you paid for, contact customer support and you’ll troll him even harder


Why would you leave a review before getting the final version of the order? Not to blame you if in fact the seller did act poorly, but you have to be smart when buying anything on the internet.

I hope you have better experiences moving forward.


I do not know where there is nonsense.

But we always try our best to provide quality work.

Maybe check the details of gigs, so you know what you’re buying


Again–why do you ALWAYS like your own posts?


I also liked your post,


Heh. Well, not to worry, you have quite a few people defending you! I will like your post as you finally responded… :smiley: