Got Rising Talent! But can not see that badge!


Hello, Everyone. A few minutes ago Fiverr editorial team has notified me that one of my gigs got rising talent badge. But I cannot see that badge on any of my gigs.
So how can I see that? Can anyone tell me?


No, I can’t see anything like that. I think it will only show in search result.


Maybe. I totally don’t know how it works.


I’ve searched both of you gigs on the category they are listed, and I saw a couple of rising talent but neither of them was you.


You should ask fiverr support this questions and probably it may take time before it becomes visible.


Thank you for your info. I don’t think they lied to me, right :blush:? Let’s see what they will say. How it works! I will ask in CS.


May be. Let’s wait till tomorrow. Then i will think about that.


Yes I would email Fiverr Support and let them know


Don’t worry. You don’t have to do that. I will do that. But anyway thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, it takes time to do this for the editorial team. Now I can see the badge. :blush:


@aminulawedesign, You have to wait a bit. May be It’s in processing.


It has got the badge. It is visible now.


Wow… Congratulations… @gigworkers It’s really a good news. Wish you a bright future. Now you feel happy. :wink: