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Got scam order asking for an irrelevant service outside Fiverr // What to do?

Hi there! I have a couple of active gigs running and actually started getting some orders. Gigs are one on design and one on reviewing the technical sides of a song/production and suggesting fixes. For that second one, I got an order that was paying 3x gig’s price in order to go to a specific trustpilot page (totally irrelevant with arts/music btw) and leave a pre-written 5-star review.

I was wondering what it would be best to do… If I cancel it, I am reading that it would harm my ratings/impressions as a seller but obviously I just don’t wanna go and leave that feedback. Is there a way to report that somehow? Btw, I checked on previous feedback for the buyer, seems its a thing around fiverr (and trustpilot) but I certainly don’t wanna be a part of this just for a handful of free $$.

Any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:



PS First thing after I got the order (30h back) was to open a ticket in fiverr’s support, haven’t got a reply yet


Even if you get a cancellation before CS acts (they’re taking days to respond due to COVID), it will be reverted in this case. Support should read the chat log and see you’re in the right, banning the guy and cancelling his automatic 1 star review.

Ok then, went with the cancellation/dispute form, properly explaining the issue to the buyer as well and waiting. Seeing the red status in orders feels kinda hard though, heh

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