Got scammed by customer and Fiverr helped them!


A buyer tried to scam me by ordering 10 gigs and then trying to cancel after I completed and delivered all the work, but I did not accept the cancellation. Then time ran out and the order got completed. More than a week later suddenly I get a message Fiverr customer service just cancelled the order and gave the scammer their money back. I even emailed Fiverr customer service when this buyer tried to scam me and they said I delivered exactly the work I had promised. As per their own order cancellation rules ( there are only 2 reasons to cancel an order after it has been completed:

Completed Orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the 14 day limitation)
-Users who have been reported to use copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification and with proof.
-If you did not purchase commercial use rights and are reported to have used the materials commercially.

There is nothing of this sort happening, they just helped out a scammer without messaging me or any consent at all, which is illegal according to their own rules. What the hell can I do about this?


I think you’ve been a victim of a nasty chargeback. :grimacing:
This has been happening quite often. To confirm it’s a CB look at the Buyer’s account to see if it’s still avail.


Yeah it still seems to be there. Why does it say that the customer service cancelled the order though? Could this just be a Paypal chargeback or something?


If it’s a CB, Fiverr bans the Buyer’s account. You can reach out to CS for more information re: the cxl. There has been a few cases where Buyers complain to CS about XYZ reasons. CS would just cxl the orders without hearing the Seller’s side of the story. You’ll get “they can’t force the Buyer to accept the order…” spiel.

It definitely sucks when Sellers put in the time and hard work into orders.


The thing is that it was already accepted and completed. According to their own rules they cannot undo it unless it breaks one of the two rules named. I guess they just make up their own rules…


If the buyer filed a PayPal chargeback, it would still say it was canceled by CS since they receive the notification from PayPal and it’s passed on to you. That’s not Fiverr breaking their own rules, it’s the buyer violating the rules. If it was a very large order and it was a chargeback, Fiverr does sometimes reimburse the seller part or all. It depends on several factors.

There are also times that a buyer contacts Support and insists on a cancellation and claims that the work was not done as promised. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds to prove them wrong, so Fiverr can only go so far to “force” a buyer to make good on the deal. It’s a shame but it is part of being a business owner.


The burden of proof should lie with the buyer. This is a reversal of logic.


You must have gotten some ratting and review from the buyer and also do have some chatt as a record, send that to the CS aas a proff, that might help.


Not doubting anybody’s honesty, but what actual proof would a seller get that the buyer has done a PayPal chargeback?

The only message received is one from Fiverr to say a gig has been cancelled, we’ve taken the money back, thanks very much.


Since as mentioned the order just completed I have never gotten a review or rating, this came out of the blue after 11 days. I only have their cancellation attempt only saying “Poor quality” (I have over 300 reviews saying the opposite and it is an obvious lie cause they got exactly what they could expect) which only makes the scam more obvious. Just waiting for someone from Fiverr to reply to a new ticket I opened.


May God do good with you. There are people who just come with such intentions.


10-15 posts daily about scammers. reasons POOR QUALITY :frowning_woman:
disgusting :frowning_face: :disappointed: :disappointed:
Fiverr should take serious steps against scammers. :muscle: :brain:


And this is the reply I get from Fiverr “customer service”, nothing answered and I’m just screwed by them.

“Please keep in mind that we are here for both buyers and sellers, and we want every order on Fiverr to be successful. If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money. We take your revenues very seriously, and require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. The order was reviewed and cancelled, and cannot be restored.

I asked for a reason why, why they did not identify the buyer as a scammer and how they illegally break their own policy and I get no answer to anything at all.

They should take these things seriously for once and not just help out the scammer without any explanation.


Sounds like CS canceled this order on the request of your buyer. If your buyer is using the work you produced you can now demand its removal by the websites in question. Also, if you want to be a bit cheeky, you can also sign up to And Co and create an invoice to send to Fiverr for your time spent working on the order they have canceled. - This wouldn’t be legally enforceable but would likely get someones attention… :wink:


Yes, well there should be a way to prove one’s innocence. Lets think over it and suggest fiverr.


Received two of these myself , one even saw me lose all my levels , buyer requested charge back weeks after giving a 5 star rating and being very happy with the work , lost over $100 in theme costs , one buyer even reported me to support for delivering before finishing the work . You have to be careful of toxic buyers, I receive 5-10 weekly enquiries ,I take my time to speak with each one before they order to avoid such situations


Because you should only deliver finished work, and by not doing so you were breaking the ToS?

Imagine being reported for that. :wink:

Or buyers who know how the site should work?


yeah. you are right .:frowning_face:


People are finding loopholes and just making Sellers life hell with these CBs.

I’m not sure how much you’ve been taken for a ride for. However, this is one of the reasons why I’ve turned down a few large jobs just because of this reason. It Sucks! :confused:

Good point! We don’t get to see the proof. I wonder if there are cases where Fiverr actually retrieved the money? :thinking:


Hey! don’t act all high and mighty, I have nothing to gain breaking the ToS, I am a web developer here do you have any idea how hard it is? especially when working for buyers who aren’t tech savvy, do you know how many times people order without contacting me first even though its in my description to do so, and there are others that order and seem to have a different idea altogether . I remember I spent a whole day telling someone his website was done, as he kept requesting order modification , with screenshots and video recordings of the live site only to find out he was looking at another domain . So don’t get funny with me! and lets try to be adults here sharing experiences , some buyers are toxic and been a victim several times , some people even contact me directly with their emails and skype and I’m flagged for it . And I recently found out not adding a file during delivery can get you a warning for delivering an unfinished work, this should not be mandatory for some sellers but somehow it is . One way I detect potentially troublesome buyers are those who request discounts , spend weeks asking me questions , tell me me to guarantee sales or even tell me this is their last money left .