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Got Scammed - how to get a refund and report seller

Hello all,
I was scammed by a seller today.

I was supposed to receive the delivered files by today. But I sent him a message and noticed that I no longer can send him a message on his inbox.

The seller profile is no longer available, and the item is still not delivered.
I clicked on the gig and it says that the gig is no longer available. and when I click on the seller profile it takes me to the homepage.

Please guide me on how can I report this seller so that he doesn’t go around and create more accounts to scam buyers on fiverr. Also guide me on how I can get a refund for my order.


open ticket to support and tell them your order number they will cancle the order and will give refund to you


You should reach out to customer support about this. The seller might have deleted his or her’s profile or gotten him or herself banned for some reason.

You can contact customer support here:

If the seller never delivered the order they haven’t been paid for it, since that requires the order to be completed.


Hmm. From what you detailed, it seems the seller was terminated from the platform. Reporting someone who has already been terminated by Fiverr is a bit redundant.

By any chance, did you receive the payment for the order back on your Fiverr account balance?

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I have not filed for a ticker on fiverr support yet.

Did you receive your payment back on your Fiverr account balance?

(Hate repeating myself.)

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not yet.

Do I cancel the order and ask for a refund from the order page itself?

If a seller was removed for violation by 5r, then the money is automatically returned to you as a credit. You will also get a message & email stating the seller can no longer be contacted.

They will also give you some random suggestions of sellers that do the same line of work, no guarantee they will deliver quality work. For privacy reasons, they won’t tell you why that seller was removed.

You can use the credit to buy from another seller or contact support to see if they will credit your money back.

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