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Got SCAMMED: Its All Over For Me On Fiverr. Thinking to delete my account

Yesterday I started a topic with problem with buyer:

And today that buyer cancelled all the order worth $340 & my Fiverr Balance is in negative $132

Check the screenshot I have added of my revenue.

Now I don’t have any earnings with me & this was only the source of Income for me to pay for my Education & Family expense.

Now I am thinking to delete my account. I am completely broken & can’t think of anything.

I am literally crying now as I have worked for full month to complete my buyers website & this is what I got in return.

Don’t know what to do now its a big set back for me & my family.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am sorry for you going through this. I have checked your previous thread as well and you state you have contacted the CS. What did they tell you in regards to the situation? How come they fully refunded the buyer after they confessed the mess up is their fault? I don’t know what access you have in the website you created but at least, you can try getting it down since it is your creation and you haven’t been paid for it. Search the net for respective advice, do not let her get away with it. I bet there was nothing wrong with the site, she just used this as an excuse to have you refuse and get the chance to complaint to the CS.
Just my 2 cents
Good luck and let us know

@tpsylighthouse: Fiverr Customer Support gave me the assurance that your order will not be cancelled as the order is completed by you & the buyer had confessed herself.

I don’t have access to anything now as all the details are changed because the website work was completed and delivered & I can’t login now to do anything.

Fiverr was the only way to pay all my bills & now I don’t know what I will do.

Lost all my hope & trust to work here.

I am so sorry that this happened.
This is a horrible experience you did nothing wrong!
The first bit of advice I would give you is to make sure you don’t do anything rash now. Don’t do anything that could have big consequences.
DO NOT TRY TO DELETE OR DO ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO THE SITE YOU CREATED! Doing this could count against you so even though it is something you created and they should have no right to use it, you do not have the legal right to access it without their permission.
Also, if you have other orders to complete, go and do them even though you are upset. Don’t let this experience stop you from finishing the other work you have. If you don’t, you will start getting negative reviews and this will really affect you badly.
Remember, sometimes bad things happen to bad people but you cannot let it overtake you, talk to CS and hopefully you will get your money back but if not you simply have to move on to the next order and forget this experience.

Sorry again,

@eoinfinnegan: I am worried about my family now as how I will pay the expenses from next week.

Its end of the month & I had around $200 to withdraw & now I have -$132 debt.

Don’t know how to come out of this now

Am really sorry about what happened. Closing your account will only make you even more broke. We only become a failure if we decide not to get back up from whatever bad might have knocked us down. Everything that happens to us teaches us a lesson. Please i understand your pain. But I’ll tell you this, maybe it will make you feel better. I withdrew $591 last 2 weeks. the withdrawal was successful. I gave my friend $50 and was robbed of the remaining $531. It really affected me. I was unable to work for 2 days, but i had to shrug it all off and get back to work right now i already made over $1000. If i had decided to close my account i don’t think making 1k bucks would have been possible. Stay strong and pick yourself back up and get back to work. You got bills to pay. Am really sorry once again.

I feel like there’s a lot of details that are getting left out of this story. Still, same advice for you as everybody:

What’s your time really worth? Why did you spend an ENTIRE MONTH working on a $300 order? I’m clearing $300 a week, and even then I’m still moving myself along to make sure I’m not spending more time than necessary on my orders. If you work for slave wages, and a client does a charge-back or finds some way to get out of paying you for your work - then you’ll feel like a slave because you gave your time away for nothing.

On that note, you have to manage your exposure to liability. There’s loss to theft, refunds, and fraud in any commercial setting, and you’re not immune to that. If you’re a new seller, and especially if you’re working with new clients, you shouldn’t accept large orders. It’s fine to accept large projects, but don’t take payment for the entire project up-front. Instead, break it up into three or four smaller projects; bill for your work as you go; and don’t start the next leg of the project until the buyer posts a positive review for the previous leg of the project.

Other than that, just keep swimming.

@jamesbulls: The order was in 3 phases & for all the 3 orders the buyer had posted positive review with good feedback.

I was not knowing that this will ever happen to me.

Fiverr Terms & Service says that order cannot be cancelled after 13 days of marking it as complete.

Still my order got cancelled which was 32 days older.

Even I am confuse how the Fiverr System really works now.

They have stated something in there Terms & Service & then completely do the opposite of it.

So is there any use of having Terms & Service if the Company itself is not following it?

I believe Fiverr should put in place an avenue where sellers also have a right. Fiverr policy really favors the buyers primarily!

I am very sorry for this sad experience you are going through. I will say, this buyer just scam you and I blame Fiverr for it. you complete an order and the buyer give you good review, why will the canceled such transaction without you agreeing to it.
Well, what has happen has happen. You have your family and education to take care of , get back to work. God will give you a better client than her.

So sorry, Start to promote your gig now.
Best of luck,

Fiverr’s Customer Support normally won’t cancel orders after 13 days of marking it as complete. However, PayPal allows you to do a chargeback for a much longer period, and then you get a message that the order was cancelled. Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t protect you from it, they only ban the buyer who did it.

I agree that something is left out.

You have 6 orders in your queue for your best gig. I’m sure you won’t stop since you have money coming in which will more than make up for what you lost. You have great feedback and are continuing to deliver orders today I see from your feedback . You will recover from this loss and do well here.

I would hire you myself if you had a real picture of the real you since your feedback and what you offer is so good. Not sure how you lost so much when your top package is $80 for a website.

@misscrystal: It was custom offer for a wordpress website.

I have accepted custom offer $250 and completed the work & delivered also. Did not face any problem with those buyer.

This was the 1st experience & worst one

I agree with those who are saying that you can recover but you’ll have to be calm and patient. Others have also mentioned that the most likely reason for a cancellation after the allowed Fiverr wait period is a PayPal chargeback. Sometimes those happen because a buyer hacks/steals/defrauds someone to gain access to a PayPal account or credit card. Sometimes buyers deliberately file a chargeback to avoid paying. Fiverr can reassure you that they will not cancel an order due to a complaint but under current policy they cannot stop a PayPal chargeback even months after a completion.

If you read the forums often enough, you’ll find that it’s happened to a lot of people. It’s not fair to sellers, but it’s a known possibility and one that only a seller can protect themselves from. For me as a seller and business owner, I have to maintain a savings account to cover 3 months of expenses or there is no way I could remain self-employed. It’s just a like a brick and mortar store that deals with a major shoplifter - it happens and you need savings or some other backup to keep yourself in business after a catastrophe.

You have plenty of opportunity to recover now. You have some things going for you like @misscrystal said. Things I notice are that you are fairly well spoken in some of some language issues, you have good reviews, your username is only one letter off from a popular TRS which may be inadvertent but might help you and you seem to have some good gigs. If you finish the rest of your current orders that should help fill in the negative balance and then you can earn more. I also think that the suggestion for your profile photo to be a real one is good. I would go with either a photo of yourself that doesn’t look like stock or a unique logo or graphic that looks good and represents your business.

Obviously I can’t offer ideas on your financial situation in the meantime since only you know what your options are there. I can suggest that you have a good seller history and there’s no reason you can’t get back on your feet. Good luck and I’m sorry for your situation.

Thats quite sad. I am new here that’s why I only offer 5 USD. Never knew that people offer more than hundred dollars. oh gosh! Anyway, hope that guy can be charge from cyberpolice. :frowning:

Don’t give up! Many people have been in the same boat as you, and have gotten out of it in no time. Support is very understanding and friendly, so I’m sure they will allow greater position for your gig for a while so you can recover from the scammer. Good luck!

You should also have a tips gig so people that want some good karma can help you in a situation like this.


Yes I have created a TIP gig where anyone can donate and a small contribution from great sellers will help me.

I know there are many people like this who has been in this situation.

But I have a big family & right now I am a lone person working in the family.

And it has just been 2 months since I joined fiverr so I don’t have any savings to come out from this.

So even a small help with make my life easy.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Ive had this happen myself, I call this buyer “The Charmer” they build you up and praise you then try to get their money back after you have done the work. They are users, I have a web firm and love out sourcing my many projects and take care of my programmers and graphic artist here on fiver. Please contact me if your looking for work as I have many projects I need help with. I would suggest really checking out peoples reviews. A lot of business owners just need one web site so they will try and get it done for free.

Any luck sorting this out??