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Got scammed, need help

***hole scammed me out of $180, forced me to review his horrible work with 5 stars or else he wouldn’t continue.


This is terrible and against the terms of service to request this type of stuff. Reach out to customer support and I am confident you will get help with this.

How can I reach them? The support is hard to navigate

Bit short on details here. Looks like you made 3 purchases from this seller and left 3 positive reviews. Why were 3 orders made instead of just one? No one can force you to make additional orders or force you to leave a certain type of review.

If the seller didn’t deliver on the first order, you should have contacted customer service and requested a cancellation of the order. Placing additional orders with a shady seller only exacerbates the situation and leads to further exploitation.

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He told me it was “more work” so I had to pay extra. After that, his “rigging” in the premium pack was never included since he wanted $500 for it on top of it all.

He asked me to 5 star or else he wouldn’t continue.

Hi there…,

If your seller doesn’t want to continue…, you only have two options…,
1: accept delivery and gave them bad review…,
2: If you dissapointed with your buyer., just open dispute and cancel the project…
(Yes…, you are losing your time,…, but at least safe your money)

Your seller already treating you…, and mention review manipulations.
It’s violate Fiverr TOS.
You can contact fiver support and give them the chat screen shot.

Still…, it took few days before support could reply to your message.
around 3-7 days…,

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Sellers can offer gig extras on an already placed order, but they do not have to be accepted. If what was promised in the gig description was not delivered in the order, then the buyer can request a cancellation of the order.

The seller has committed several ToS violations. He has no right to demand reviews of any type and cannot mislead a buyer on what is included in an order.

Report your situation.

He manipulated me into paying way more than what he offered, refused to do one of the parts included in his “premium” pack unless he got $500 extra and wanted 5 stars or he wasn’t gonna continue with his work. Then he gave me a botch-job that made other animators shudder.

I should’ve canceled the project once he asked for a tip or he wouldn’t continue, but we were already deep in the process.

I did report him, but it will probably take a few days for an answer.

Is it just me or has there been a lot of alleged scamming going on lately by both Buyers and Sellers?

Sorry to see you got scammed @sumiosan. All money on Fiverr is frozen even after funds have left your account so you have nothing to worry about as you’ll get it back regardless of any wait or action. Just don’t do anything on the platform other than contacting CS (please remember that they’re slow-ish still).
Only one thing you can’t get back: the rights to use your order, and although there’s no chance any banned seller can hit anyone with a DMCA strike as they will permanently be off the platform, I think there’s a chance your avatar may be stolen from someone else anyways. Not that you’d want to use it even if it wasn’t…

On a side note… why is that dude offering a gig for drawing NSFW stuff where the first pic is a woman with her nipples out? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: That’s already something we could report as adult illustration isn’t allowed.

So you are saying that if I get my money back? The PSD files will be rendered moot as well? Makes sense, in the end it was his work and property. But what do you mean “your avatar may be stolen from someone else anyways”?

My avatar was created by me and a friend, this guy was just the middle of production of making concept artwork into a PSD file.

My bad, didn’t know that (about the avatar).
But yeah, after any cancellation/refund, you’re not supposed the use the work done, as per ToS. Still, not that the seller will be here anymore in a while to defend copyright as I said. And I also imagine you’ll be paying a better seller with the money you’ll get back.

Yup, I demolished all the artwork I received from the scammer, and bought a viable artist right now with the refunded money.

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