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Got scammed, Never using Fiver again. A warning


My ad firm found someone on fiver who could assist with a wiki page. The person had stellar reviews and assured me she was in EST to make communication easy. Well, the seller was from Nigeria, strung me along for weeks, and when he finally did deliver, the work was a mess. I checked the time stamp on the wikipage, the seller spent one day on the copy, and wasted weeks of my time!

My fault I guess. Not even about the money. About being lied to and strung along past the point I could give a crappy review.

Pros be warned. Reviews are a joke.

So one seller did not do a good job and you will not use fiverr again !!
Millions of sellers are out there delivering a 100$ work for just 5$ and everybody is happy, if the seller did not do a good job, that’s a problem between him and you, fiverr has nothing to do with it, if you don’t like what you get, ask for modifications.

Fiverr is a Trust-able website for sellers and buyers. May be some sellers and buyers doing scam and waste of times, but this is not good to blame fiverr. fiverr is a best !! million of sellers and buyers join here… may be some one doing scam here, but you can ask refund if you not get work as per gig.

My personal opinion Fiverr is the best and trusted. :slight_smile: I love Fiverr :slight_smile:

I’m sad to see you go after just one bad experience. There are 1000s of us here on Fiverr and many of us are excellent professionals who do an excellent job. I hope you’ll reconsider!

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You get more than your money’s worth with fiverr. The problem is making decisions in haste, don’t just give your work to anybody. very funny tho…

Note that Fiverr should never be the culprit.

FIVERR is a human-friendly place. Anyone who wishes may sign up. It’s your job as a buyer to find that perfect seller.

In the real business world that’s just not how things work. A bad deal? Get up and keep moving.

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you can cancel the order and get your money back


A single experience is not enough to judge an entire community. There are thousands of sellers who are here to promote their contents for just 5$, offering you an awesome service whithout forcing you to spend more (at least, that’s what I saw today).

I like the community behind fiverr and I think your experience will probably be not representative of the entire sellers’ community.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Buh bye…

It’s probably your fault.

You buy a product you do not need.

So ugly product of your own.

If someone else purchased the product for their needs,
The product can be good according to them.

So think before you buy, whether it’s a good product.

And see the value of gigs.

$ 5 for excellent product that was impossible.
You need $ 20 for a couple of perfect products according to your

There’s a buyer from Nigeria that has hired me several times, he always leaves a 5-star review, so as far as I’m concerned, VIVA NIGERIA!

Seriously though, deal with sellers that don’t take weeks to deliver. I hired a guy that promised 12-hours in his gig title, 3-days passed and Fiverr tells me that the guy is late, so I just cancelled.

jekyllhyde745 said: the seller spent one day on the copy

That’s not the issue, the issue is whether you like the work or not. If you don’t like the work, you request a modification or a refund. Or you let him keep his money, and give what he did to someone else so he or she can improve upon it.

If you are still here:
I have made close to fifty purchases and I am only unhappy with about 4 of them. One suggestion I would make to you is to purchase a $5 gig first, this will give you a feel about the seller. Then if the seller produces what you were expecting then move forward with a gig that maybe priced higher and be more what you want.

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I wouldn’t let 1 person taint your view of fiverr. I have ordered many gigs and gotten some really good work. I have also had to get refunds due to people trying to scam. You have the option to get your money back if the seller is not giving you what they promised. Treat this site like any other business transaction. Your best bet is to do your research, contact the seller before ordering and if you have ANY qualm about their profile/gig/ect. then find someone else. There are a TON of members on here willing to do the same work. Cheers mate!!

I to had what I would call a disappointing experience here on my first go at Fiverr. Now with that said, I am back for a second round and as of this moment looks like I’m heading
for the same result, for as of now my gig has not been delivered in time frame as quoted, and even with that, I do understand that delays happen, but what gets my goat is when the seller does not reply to my submission. Now I am giving a little more time, but in the mean time I have already started my search for the right seller and have not given up on Fiverr because there are a lot of talented people here that do have a passion for both their work and the customer. Just have to find that perfect match. And lets face it people, for the price of some of the talent here, where else are you going to go.

BUYERS need to be extremely careful who they hire. Most on fiverr are unreliable, no business experience and no ethics in communication.

We receive message from buyers all the time telling of a bad experience. Reduce your headaches and hassles, stick with professionalism and experienced business people! Remember, you get what you pay for on fiverr.

We’re here to help when you need us!

I stick with Top Rated Sellers when I buy on fiverr. I’ve always been
:D/ very pleased with the sellers I’ve purchased from.

The problem with top rated is they beg for 5 stars…if they are not talented why give 5? 3 stars apparently is not good for the sellers they whine and cry…

so how could you figure out who is good or not?

Reply to @davidfisher845: Really dude! is this a new kind of racism !! So some people from there are bad and you blame them all !! I know some really decent and good sellers from nigeria, comon man!