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Got Scammed Today and I'm Boiled

I am pretty new to Fiverr and so far it has been going well. I just hit level 1 and have maintained a 5* rating. I had a buyer ask me last night to do a rewrite for him. The word count was higher than my package offerings and he was willing to pay extra for 24-hour delivery, so I sent him a custom offer. Something in my gut told me not to withdraw the offer but I figured it was easy enough and I had the time to do it. He accepted the offer and I started working on it. I discovered that the word count of the document he sent was more than he quoted, the images were taken directly from Google images, and he wanted 3 keywords used in the post. I did all of that, rewrite the entire text-minus 400 words that were ver the word count, included new “free-to-use” images from appropriate channels, and delivered within the timeframe.

What happened was 10 minutes after I delivered the project he decided to cancel. Stating the reason as poor quality. He also said he didn’t ask me to rewrite it or use different images. I know now that he did it just to get free work and his money back.

For all new sellers on Fiverr…listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right about a buyer, walk away. I just wasted my time writing almost 3,000 words of text, finding images, and I feel used by this person. Obviously, he knew that the article would be changed, that is the point of rewriting content. It was still on the same topic but written from a 3rd person POV with a little added information about genetics thrown in for good measure. I did everything to deliver him a 100% unique article and now I’m out time and money both.

I am also going to add a discliamer to my gig description telling buyers to please read before ordering, and if they don’t want the article changed then please do not order from me. If you want an exact copy of the same article with the words turned around, then please ask someone else.



Just because a buyer says they want to cancel an order doesn’t mean you have to.

Typically, scammers like this target new sellers, as they consider them easy prey. If they see that they can get away with canceling, they may also return to pull the same trick using a different username.

As you have 40 reviews, you could have taken the hit with a low rating. You can also leave a review of a buyer like this, warning others about their behavior.

Of course, I do understand that this is easier said than done. as you go on, though, you will find that the odd negative review is impossible to avoid anyway. i.e. You might have canceled this order to avoid a low rating. However, tomorrow you might get one anyway from another client who you thought was blissfully happy with your work.

In either case, chin up, and ALWAYS go with your gut instinct.


Thank you. I really appreciate you responding to my post. Yes, since I’m trying very hard to make level 2 I didn’t want the negative feedback. I realize now after you’ve explained it, that I let him get away with it. I should have refused and taken the hit, at least I would have gotten paid and been able to leave feedback on them as well. I could have proven that his reason for cancelling was bogus if he would have pressed the issue.


Don’t worry. We all chase ratings, especially in the beginning. The main thing to remember is that whatever level you are, it is your ability to stand by the quality of your deliveries which will define you as a freelancer. Keep on being good at what you do, and everything will fall into place here and elsewhere. - Even if you have to take the long road and/o encounter hiccups along the way occasionally.

Good luck!


Thanks, I will. And I won’t let one bad experience spoil my my achievements here. I’m very proud of my quality ratings and the fact that I have repeat buyers coming back again and again. It let’s me know that I’m doing a good job for the people I work for.


Don’t worry Lisa,
Do your best

You will became level 2 seller…
Best of luck

Keep it up

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I never cancel any orders and never give any refunds. I did have to cancel one recently when the buyer ordered and immediately canceled. I never had anyone do that before. It was suspicious and fiverr is investigating the buyer. Cancelling is almost unheard of for me.

That one did not affect my analytics at all, since I consulted CS and had them do it.

I’m sorry this happened to you Lisa.


I feel you Lisa, and a lot of us have faced similar situations.

I agree with @cyaxrex, stand by your work. If you know you provided what the gig specified and did not face any adjustment requests prior to cancellation, then the buyer really has no ground to stand on.

You can take it to CS for review, and I bet they’d side with you in that case.

It is truly one of the hardest things you learn as a seller–standing up for yourself. But it’s well worth it, and the tons of awesome buyers that are super easy to work with make up for it a hundred fold!

Best wishes on getting to level 2!!

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Thank you, I really appreciate your input.

Thanks, I appreciate everyone who responded. I am on my way to a level two, and have met all the requirements except for the $$ requirement. I am almost half way to $2,000. But I’ll get there.