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Got stuck! Please help me

Hello guys,
I am facing a situation please help me.
A buyer is not responding or try to complete that order at there own comfort zone.

  • When she gave me an order then she disappears or didn’t reply to me at the end of the day.
  • She came on the last day and gave me an updated script.
  • I spent again many hours creating their video again.
  • Then she again disappears.
  • But that was my last day of delivery so I deliver their video.
  • Then after delivery time passing away. Now, she came with a new revision.
  • Now I revised their video but again she disappears from the last 2 days.

Then I told to her please be responsive then she told me I don’t know about this platform time boundaries i have many other projects also.
What’s a rubbish reason?

Now, what can I do? Should I wait for her response? and how many days Fiverr will impact my account? or should i contact to Fiverr support?

Why we as a seller are very bounded in front of the buyer?
They can do anything but as a seller, we have to maintain rating then we have to give extra work and also bear such kind of behavior.


When you’ve delivered a revision they don’t have to respond. It should auto-complete 3 days after delivery of the revision if they do nothing.

If you delivered a revision and did exactly what they asked for in their revision request (and they’ve not asked for anything else), just wait.


Nahh, you’re not stuck. You still get the money if she doesn’t leave any comments at all. There is also a deadline to her. The only disadvantage for this matter is how you can’t have the 5 start review thing

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Very legitimate reason to be honest.

Your buyer can request revisions at any time before order autocompleted. Which is usually 3 days after each revision.
It’s actually was really rude from you to tell your client to be more responsive like they owe you something. Your behaviour was not professional at all and client was right to tell you that you obviously don’t know the rules of fiverr platform.


You have bounded your own hands voluntarily with unlimited revisions in my opinion.

You risk order cancellation or not positive review here.


I think you don’t know the exact condition that’s why you are raising question on my professionalism. Listen mam i am level 1 seller only with in 2.5 months of my work with more then 30+ 5 star rating. I know how to handle client.
Now, At first day i sent an demo of my client work then she came online and see demo but didn’t reply it.
I don’t know what service are you selling? but in my service which is video editing i have to send and prefinal demo at day 1st in which there an voice over or many things like video color theme and all.
After 3 days she came online and told me that i have an updated script. Is this professionalism from buyer side? i spent 12 hour to make that video but again i spent. Now, again she told me that send me some intro also now, until she will not select video intro then how can i send it final? I already sent 5 samples of intro but now she disappear again.

I think you are buyer that’s why your vision is only for buyer. but mam without response we can’t make a video better.

Thanks for your reply

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AT last she demand video intro now i send 5 samples of video intro. Until she will select one of them them how can i deliver that video without intro?

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@blavaro If i will cancel this order then still can buyer give me negative rating?

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I can not vouch for that in regard of private feedback.

Public review should not be applicable because technically there would be no completed order.

Buyer can do anything they want in case they obey the ToS and Community Standards.

That’s just a fracture in terms of experience :wink: 30 projects is just a beginning of your path and how you handling orders shows that.

If you allow those kind of changes in your gig then yes she can ask for that.

Because that’s the way you chose to work and setup your workflow. There is a milestone feature that you can use for orders that require step by step communication.
You can also ask other video editors on how they handle they clients.

@frank_d is In a similar niche to yours (he is also a moderator on this forum) and I never heard him complaining about not being able to move forward without clients reply on each step. So maybe he will be willing to help you with the process?
Otherwise you can always read his topics on this forum.

I’m not a buyer, I’m a long time seller on fiverr. If person disagrees with you it doesn’t mean that he is in the buyers side.


I never include such kind of things but main issue in front of seller is only that if we deny it then they will try to down our rating.

But here you are just clearly declared your judgement and My order is only $25 son should i create milestone? It means everything is seller mistake there is no responsibility from buyer side. If they want quality of work then surely we have to ask some question even they didn’t reply on my question. But yes that’s a seller mistake. Buyer is always right. But i am disagree with you

You see, you are already looking for excuses instead of looking for solutions or even taking my other advice.
You can always write what’s included in your gig, what is a revision, if you allow changes of script after you started working on a project etc.

If you are always going to be afraid to say no because you afraid of bad rating then you can’t blame your clients for everything. A lot of them doesn’t even realise what’s included in the order and what’s not unless you tell them.
Again you are the one who’s choosing on how to react and how to handle your clients. I say “no” On something almost to my every second buyer and I still have 99% of 5 star reviews.

Stop looking for excuses and look on how you can make your communication and workflow better. Right now you are in a tough spot because of how your process is set up and if you wouldn’t change it sooner or later you will get another client like this one.

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Why did you created another video with new script ?
You could have asked her to stick to older one…Did you completed old script video already ?

I agree with Maia !
Fiverr may not be full time job for buyers as its for you, and fiverr gives 3 days to respond after delivery and she came after 2 days…Whats wrong with it ?

ok Mam just tell me what should i do right now? After delivering my video she raised and revsion with that she demands intro. But before 2 days back i sent update video and intro also. Now, she has to select an intro then i will put in front of video. Then i can send it finally but For this my client have to come online.

Now second one thing you are saying improve my communication.

Communication means exchange of words. For this, she has to be responsive.
Even after giving order there is only few message from her side otherwise there is no reply.
I know you are trying to give me a suggestion at your point of view but with that also you have to think and see in different manner.

Try to understand. On the first day if the order I sent her a prefinal demo for further work until she did not agree with video colors and all then how can I make that video complete? But she saw my demo but didn’t reply. On the last day of the order, she came with a new script. Now, That’s a trap for a seller even the buyer is replying or not but we have to deliver our work on time. SO, I did the same thing and deliver that video after delivering she came and told me, no no I have an updated script. and she raises revision. Now, that’s fine for me I spent many hours now she demands an intro also. I sent it to intro in the normal message she has to select one of them then I can send the final video but for the last 2 days she is offline.

Now, is this a seller mistake?

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Fiverr does not work this way…Its totally your call to send demo and wait for buyer to reply on it, And its all for your own good to reduce unnecessary revisions on them…You could have delivered final video and on new script you could have asked for extras !

Its actually privilege for sellers ! They can deliver whats included in gig even if buyers don’t respond !

Sorry ! Its not !

You must understand and follow how fiverr works, if you will keep using fiverr as you want, it wont help you!

So, sir please tell me solution if you can.
I already send updated video and 5 types of intro.
Still i am waiting from her reply.
Now what should I do? now there is an late tag on my gig. but if she didn’t respond me then is there any last time for reply?
Please give me reply

You delivered on time so it won’t be considered as a late delivery even if its shows late on your order page, so don’t worry about it…Wait for her to reply !
Now all revisions are dependent on how many revisions you offered her, But remember any extra work is not revision…you can ask for extra money and time for any extra work she would be asking…!



I think you should more responsive. You are talking like you hire someone but the thing is you are hired by someone. So give him respect.

If your buyer does not respond in 3 days the order will auto-complete.

If you give unlimited revision then the buyer can take this as he wants. And your job is to make your buyer happy.

In my second order, I increase the time to 10 and the order goes for 45 days but in the end, my client gives great feedback and a 5-star rating. So never loos temper, always be cool.

Thank you