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Got That Sinking Feeling, Strange Buyer

Hi Fiverr’ss

Got that sinking feeling I’m gonna get a charge back.
All the red flags. Buys all the extras, is overly nice. Then when I finally deliver I get a 5**** review but leaves the strangest feedback. And now does not respond order is now closed. Is there anything you can do with CS if your skin crawls. Even though some very odd things happened right after I closed the order. Should I do anything even though everything is complete?


So far nothing bad and everything good has happened with your buyer so no you can’t really report that to CS.

I know what you mean though.

I saw the feedback you mean and it is very strange. Just hope for the best.


I read the review too. I placed a $5 order last week just so I could see how the buying process went. Fiver lets you mark the stars and then askes if you would like to leave a review. I think your buyer answered that question in saying what he said. I see he just joined in November so that could be a foofa for a new buyer. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


@vickiespencer Miss Vickie was it an easy process to leave a review?


I recently ordered a gig too and I can say it was easy to do, also I received an email from fiverr to leave an extra feedback that wasn’t for his profile I guess.


Yes this was also, my spidey instinct tells me something was up

Not enough red flags :slight_smile: Seems he/she was on mobile and the review text got messed (or what @vickiespencer said also) , and some buyers just disappear when they get their order (they may disappear even before you deliver the order, or what is worse, before they provide the information you need to be able to deliver the order). Just relax, no need to do anything on your side.


I’m inclined to agree with @vickiespencer that your buyer has left this review without realizing it would appear. That said, it does look a little confusing.

If you are really worried, place the delivered file in a folder along with screenshots of the order page. Perhaps even write a note expressing your concerns, stating that you are securing evidence that this order was fully delivered, in case your buyer does use a chargeback against you.

Should the worst happen, open a ticket with CS, attach the file, images, and text, and ask that they immediately challenge any chargeback. I’ve tried this before, I just got an automated reply saying no. However, it’s always worth a shot.


I had that feeling just recently and I realized this would be another buyer where I have to work more and get paid less. The usual talks about I will get you more business later bla bla bla…

But I crunched my teeth and went ahead. Yes the buyer did make me work for the money but appreciated my work as well and just completed a second order from the guy and although he is still kinda demanding I guess I can be patient with him. But I do take precautions like breaking down larger order into smaller chunks.

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Yes, it was easy, and I was asked for a review twice. Also, I got an email that asked me to give a further ”secret” review not shared with the seller.

I was also given a chance to tip twice while being reminded any tip would carry a standard Fiverr service fee. I think this is why I do not get tips anymore.


Very enlightening. Nice to hear reviewing is easy and encouraged.

My tips have declined dramatically. Fiverr and sellers would earn more if they got rid of that service fee on tips! They would more than make up for the service fee.

In fact I’m sure the service fee has hurt sales much more than they earn on that. I think it’s really a bad idea as far as the profits go for the site.

I reviewed someone a couple of months ago, it wasn’t my most recent purchase, and I left comments that I thought were for private Fiverr review. I was really surprised when it instantly went on the seller profile and I had no chance for private review. Luckily it wasn’t bad or unkind, it was actually good, I just mentioned the price which I don’t usually do in public reviews. The last time I made a purchase I got something more like you did. It feels to me like Fiverr tweaks the review system in small ways on a frequent basis.


Another difference is that a couple of days after I closed the order I got a “Share your private feedback with us” email from Fiverr."

It said:

Hi vickiespencer,
We hope you’re enjoying your delivery from *****. Your experience is important to us, and we’d like to hear your feedback to actively improve. This information is private , and will not be shared with ******* and other users.

Did you use this delivery? (followed by these buttons)

Not Yet

The Fiverr Team

And that was the end of the email. :thinking:


What an odd question. What is the point of them asking that? Why would they care?

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If they answer yes, I guess they can no longer cancel. Is my guess