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Got the first level then demoted because of


I started in March 2019. Got my first order around April 1st 2019, it sadly got cancelled (april fools i guess… imagine getting first order for 75$ and that getting cancelled because your client does not respond and stuff). I was promoted to level 1 by Nov 2019.

Anyway, Since oct 2019 my orders start to pick up in speed. At the moment, i got like 8 orders in queue. I had like 11 but had to cancel two of them due to some issue of us not agree’.

I have everything to reach level 2 right now but because of 2 orders that cancelled i was demoted to level 0. I am kinda okay with it, because i know i will reach level 2 by next month probably by fixing my completion rate.

The funny thing is… i completed almost 6 orders in like 5 days before those 2 were cancelled but i was still stuck at 89% completion rate.

That’s all, my first forum post. So, Hi guys! :slight_smile: (This should be at the top but oh well)

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