Got the first order, How to get the second?


It took me 2 Months to get my first sale, Is than normal?
And what should i do to get the second one?


Be patient, and work hard to both promote your services, and present them as professionally as possible. That is how business works.

You are not entitled to success, nor will you find any, if you are not willing to WORK hard to earn it.


yes, I do agree with you

that’s normal I think, to have next gig after several weeks or months. I got my first order after a year (but at that time i wasn’t really active in fiverr). And thanks, now fiverr have buyer request. Therefore we can ‘promoting’ our self or looking for some gigs that we can do

just be patience, promote both yourself and gigs and also improve your self :slight_smile:


Just repeat what you did to get first order then you will get the second.


Thank You guys! I got 2 orders.