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Got the Funds but No Reviews

I recently completed 5 Orders. Orders were delivered on time and customers were also responding to everything but as soon as they were satisfied with the job, they did not review nor completed the order. The order completed on its own and took ages for the funds to transfer. What could be the reason for not clicking Order Complete and No Review? Does it count as Negative?

It doesn’t count as negative.

Some buyers just don’t review. Unfortunately that’s just how things are.


No, it doesn’t count as negative, nor positive.

Buyers have all the right not to leave any feedback, which is why Fiverr made the auto-completion system that marks an order complete after 3 days.

As for reasons, there can be many:

  • for some it may be the difficulty of using the feedback system to leave rating
  • others might not be interested or won’t care about leaving feedback
  • some simply forget
  • others just don’t want to
  • some won’t have time for such small details
  • others will rather not leave feedback instead of leaving less than 5 stars, etc.

Does it count towards my 10 orders

Yes of course :smiley:

Thanks guys you’ve been very helpful

Kinda related.

If I accept but don’t review, does it still clear in 14 days or 7 in your case or is there another 3 days added?

No, it doesn’t clear in 14 anymore. It clears in 14 only after the order is completed by the buyer via rating it, or auto-completed by Fiverr after 3 more days.

I’ve had the longest I remember going up to 14+3+3=20 days, because a buyer (who didn’t leave any rating) requested a modification 1-2 hours before the order would have gotten auto-completed after those 3 days, twice! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :smiley:


I’m confused.

You deliver. I accept but no review = 17 days.

You deliver. I accept and review = 14 days


You accept - 14 days + however long you took to accept
Auto closure (no accept or review) 17 days


Okay, so I don’t have to review just accept and funding clears in 14 days.

That’s it! :smiley:

I thought the order can be marked as completed only by rating/reviewing it - have things changed?

Because in the past if you didn’t leave any rating/review, the order had to auto-complete after 3 days.

I’m not aware of any “accept” concept :thinking:

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You are correct.

In the past, if I did not review/feedback, the green accept button would not toggle and it stayed green. I would get multiple reminders my order is ready.

Now, all I have to do is accept. If I choose to skip feedback, review, it’s okay as the green accept icon will be grayed out - indicating I’ve already accepted.

Review is a one time deal now.

In the past, as long as the buyer did not do private feedback, we could go back and change review as often as we wanted up to 30 days. (As doing the Private Feedback is what officially closed the order) That’s the reason why you’d occasionally read about a seller who said that the buyer changed review without consent.


@mentorsweb It doesn’t count as negative it’s count not rated…it’s no effect your profile.:grinning:

Thank you guys you are wonderful. Replying to my query a lot sooner than I expected and the extra questions… well they actually helped a lot as well.
Thanks… Cheers

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This also happened to me twice :fearful:

No it doesnt count as negative, But you should try to get an 5 star review from those order, that will help you a lot.

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No, never ask a buyer for a 5 star review please - it’s against the ToS.

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