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Got the Order, But its not started Yet


Hi Everyone,
I was suggesting regarding the nudge buyer option, normally we have a great conversation with the buyer and he gave us all the info and we have a deal, then he order, but didnt give the info and vanished.

Now the scene is he have given all the info through conversation and he didnt feel to put there. So a result the order is not started at my side… how can i submit the deliverable as its not started yet.

My suggestion was when buyer click the order, it should starts as some time he gave all info at conversation stage. and he forgot to mention there or may be he is new. so the order should be ticking

I face 2, 3 case regarding this,

1st: i did job for a buyer he giv me tip for my good work in a form of another order but he didnt write anthng…now from his side the order has done but my side its not started and i cant do anthng and he vanished not come gain but he have given me the order as a tip but its no use for me as its not strated yet nor can be completed.

So my suggestion to fiverr when the buyer order the order should start


Normally it starts right away unless you have made the gig requirements necessary in order to do so.


Yup this can be option, so we can change it from the gig edit?


I don’t know if this would effect an order that has already been placed.


Hmmm yup it wll affect the future ones


Of course the future ones, otherwise it wouldn’t work.