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Got the same order 3 times for 1 custom offer! 2 extras orders by mistake. And cancelling them impacted on my rating negatively

Recently this happened to me. I sent an offer to one of my buyers. And he accepted it. And instead of 1, i got the same order 3 times with different order numbers. This is for the same single offer i sent.
And now the buyer asked for a refund for the 2 extra orders he made, guess what,
I got my order completion rate reduced instantly and my rating is affected.
So frustrating.

I lost the chance to cancel an order that really should cancel later days because of this.

I have contacted customer support regarding this, I will update the case in here.

UPDATE : Fiverr support reversed the order completion rate!!

I am so sorry this happened to you!

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Anyone else got the same issue?

It happened to me once, he wanted to cancel and I convinced my customer to do another job (by telling them that this would hurt me, and that his order fees won’t be refunded …etc.),then we extended the timer and he got back to me for the “Ordered by mistake” and requested a new job instead. And I completed and he rated me 5*. It’s all about how well you communicate IMO.

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All the customers are not the same. He don’t want to spend even a penny more than the offer i sent. I had to discuss the offer amount a lot as well. So this is not the case. I already tried asking him that if he has any extra work that needs to be done.

My point here is that sellers should not get affected by these kind of issues because we have done nothing wrong. If the system worked correctly and prevented the duplicate orders non of this would have happened.

Anyway fiverrr CS handled the situation well and reversed my rating back.

This happened to me too, just when I started on Fiverr. However I didn’t know CS existed then and just kept on going. Wish you luck in the future! :wink: