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Got Tip for the first time from buyer!

Hey guys, I am really excited today. because of, i have just receive a little tip from my buyer for the first time. that was not my first work in fiverr, actually that was my third work. it’s really a great fiverr experience. please share your experience to get first tip from your buyer guys!
Happy freelancing :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

here is my gig link:-


Congratulations on your tip and your gigs! Hope it keeps getting better!

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thank you shadelily!
have you get your first tip?

Haha, unfortunately I haven’t even gotten my first gig yet, but that I just started selling on Fiverr a few days ago. I guess just gotta keep working hard and advertise!

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Congratulation @mmr1998. Keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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best wish for you @shadelily
in which criteria, you are providing your service mam??

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thank you @retoucher_faruk
have you got your first tip?

Thank you sir. I am providing my services in English tutoring, proofreading, editing and citation writing. Mainly trying to help students, as it is what I have been doing offline for several years. My main goal is to keep the prices affordable for students.

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Really appreciable @shadelily
are you student?

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Yes, I am. I am currently doing a double bachelors major in programming and engineering, however, starting from next year I’m switching to a double major of English philology and cyber security, because I wasn’t satisfied with the level and focus on programming at my current university. And the English part will give me good credentials for my freelancing, so I can hopefully advance my programming at a Masters level at a good university

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how many order did you complete @retoucher_faruk ?
and how many review did you get sir?

hey i am also doing my bachelor in computer science.
have time to come inbox! @shadelily

Careful with the links! Moderators dont like them so much.
Happy selling though!

thank you for your advice