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Got Tip from buyer Twice in a Day, but I'm not that Happy

Hello everyone,
I am a comparatively new seller here (I guess) , and recently completed my 4th order of which Two of them are from the buyer who has Tipped me for both of his Order.
On my first Tip, I was really Happy and excited and was jumping up and down, but when he tipped me for the 2nd one, I felt like it was was kind of ‘free Money’ and I hadn’t worked for it. Its just that I don’t feel that Happy at all.
Is this feeling Okay? am I wrong here or I’m just a Paranoid :neutral_face:

If your buyer is happy with your work they tip you to show their gratitude. Also there is the possibility that your buyer is a middle-man who won considerable amount of money from your work, and they thought you deserved the tip. You do not need to feel bad about it at all.

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Tips are optional. Your buyer was feeling generous, no one was forcing them tip you, it was their decision. You should be glad that the quality of your service inspired that decision.

Sometimes I get projects that are relatively simple yet the person wants to buy a premium package and then leave a tip. And then another person comes along who will make me work for every cent of my basic package and then some. So it balances out.


I totally get it, Buyers can be generous and my design might have helped him get a better amount as a return, I feel a lot better after this though,
thanks @flatify :grinning:

Well I sure got that other type of buyer and She did make me do a lot of work for minimal price, so I will just take it as you said and think of it getting balanced with those Tips
Thanks :smile:

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