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Got two warnings from TOS

Hello everyone… recently i got two consective warnings for late delivery of orders… I am very sad now… Many guys are saying that my account will be banned on third warning… is it confirm that another violation will bann my account???

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Make sure you follow the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and deliver your orders on time so you won’t get any more warnings.


Is it confirm that third warning is the last warning?

I am not sure that anyone on the forum has the answer to that. Suggest you just concentrate on the advice already given.


thank you for your advice dear

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It’s possible to get banned after just one warning, or even without a warning.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you stop violating the rules.


I see you have 6 orders in the queue on one of your gigs. Maybe have a longer delivery time rather than risk your business.


Did the warning come after the buyer demanded a revision? Or did it come before you’re late?

3-day delivery is usually a good standard for gigs, if you can’t delivery everything in 3-days, try 5-days, 7-days, try delivering 24-hours before it’s due.

Also, your slogan: “your satisfaction is my guarentee!”

Has a spelling mistake. I think the word you’re looking for is guarantee.

if English is your 2nd language, write on Microsoft Word or even here and look for the red underline. If you see it, it means there’s a spelling mistake.

But why are you delivering late? :truck: If you feel like you need more time to complete the orders follow @lloydsolutions suggestion or request a delivery extension via the resolution center.


thanks for great advice sir

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Not sure you will get banned or not, it all depends, your level , your order number, your relationship with customer, what kind of violation you are doing.

You better stick to the rules, you using a marketplace created by someone else, it is better do limit yourself within what they offer.
Thank you.

@mushaidmumtaz it’t not whole true for 3 rd warning Account will be banned. it’s depend on your activities. Someone banned 1 Waring.