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Got warning after 2 month of delivery

Hi All Good people!

I worked with a client in 10/May/2019.when it was complete 90% (even I gave him extra services, what wasn’t included the requirement ) then I sent him a custom offer in 22/May/2019 then I submitted the delivery 25/May/2019. He didn’t accept the delivery when it will automatically accept after 3days that’s the time (1 hour before to complete the automatically deliver) he sent to me in revision 27/may/2019. He said to me " I need to upload some content". Me" ok Don’t worry, when your content is ready to message me I will upload that… then I submitted the delivery again it has done automatically complete after 3 days.
then yesternight 02/July/2019 He came again and message me and saying another requirement without fee of Fiverr. (not the content, he need another coming soon page, as like as favorite design)

SO I block him, after that He reports on Fiverr that. Wrote: I didn’t complete his website even Last time I made a coming soon page then he changed by his own and make to live site. then saying make an another coming soon page for him without a fee.

I got demoted to level 1 and Warning.

What shall I do for better? will I stay silent or will I contact to support? How can i remove this warning

Thank you everyone!
Have a great day
Regards to you


Can you please let us know exactly what the warning notice said?

Does your gig say “unlimited revisions”?


I looked up your gig. If this was the gig it happened on, there is part of the description:

why shall you hire me?

  • 4 years experience
  • The responsive website for Desktop, tablet, mobile
  • 100% satisfaction with the first-class quality and money back grantee
  • on time quick delivery
  • Fast loading page
  • trusted WP solution provider
  • Good communication and behave in a friendly way
  • project understanding before giving you a quote
  • Extra service with your first order

I see you are offering 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee, so by blocking him 1. that wasn’t friendly, and 2. you didn’t give 100% satisfaction.

He asked for something else and you blocked him. Why?
He was a customer of yours!

Sellers need to not use the block feature on customers who are simply asking for something to be done relating to a former order.

If I were him I would ask for a refund based on that. After all you offer 100% satisfaction or money back.


well said. I agree with you.

but I don’t think, it’s ethical. the customer back after 2 months and told that, give me some service with free of cost. seriously!

Tauhid are offering 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. when he delivered the project, the client was happy but buyer wants to hold tauhid until the project end. (seller told that, Don’t worry, when your content is ready to message me I will upload that… “only content upload. nothing else”) it does not mean that the client edits his own site and broke the design. now he came back for free service.

As a seller, our first priority is client satisfaction. and check his/her website, it’s perfectly working or not. it’s our responsibility. in this mean time, if the client saw any problem, we will fix it happily. but not other problem or anything.

I apologize. i am sorry if i hurt you in anyway

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You don’t respond by blocking him. You respond by sending him a nice message saying that you will need to send a new offer for that service.

If it is about the same order he placed before, and he has not used up his revisions, and it truly IS a revision and not simply something new he wants then you should do it as a revision.

If he is saying he wants additional work, which was not included in what you offered originally then you can send him a custom offer for it. Tell him it’s a discount since he was a customer before.

What exactly did the warning you got say? If you would rather not say that’s ok.


Well, you are free to block as you please. But, I think it would have helped had you let the buyer know that you had already delivered what was promised and that they could place another order if they wanted another webpage made. A little effort to communicate would have gone a long way.

Even now, I think you can try and convince CS to reconsider their decision by proving to them that you had delivered what was promised and that the buyer was asking you to do additional work for free.

Client satisfaction is something the client has to decide… not you, the seller. So, if you guarantee * 100% satisfaction with the first-class quality and money back grantee, you will have to continue supporting the buyer for the rest of eternity or until the buyer says they are satisfied. Besides, it is not very realistic to expect all buyers to be 100% satisfied with everything you do.

This is the reason why smart and sensible sellers DO NOT promise their buyers 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantees, or unlimited revisions. I suggest that you remove such terms from all your gigs.

Good luck! :sunny:


I don’t want fiverr to take away our block feature by sellers using it to block customers who are simply asking for more work. I don’t use it on previous customers unless they are truly horrible and after at least six months.

For the situation described here it can be easily handled by some smooth customer service from the seller.