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Got warning on my account


hey mate all,I am Alex ,I am a new arrival for fiver and I started good and everything was going well and i just passed less then 30 days but yesterday i got a warning on my account but i did not do any work like that,it was about wanted payments out side of fiver.
and i send text to fiver team but i did not get any help from them and now what should i do??
could you please help me out please…


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Only Customer Support can help you with this.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


yes sir i did read out all and i know all terms and condition .
and i send the A massage about my problem but i did not get reply from them


you are not allowed to offer or receive payments outside Fiverr , if someone asks you about that just report them , talking about reviews / payments outside Fiverr with a customer is forbidden

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What was the warning, can you paste it here?


this is what he said


Yes, but I don’t understand from his post whether he was the one who requested payment off of fiverr.

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I don’t think you would get a warning if a buyer offers to pay you outside of Fiverr and you politely decline , just saying…

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This is common sense, but what if his reply wasn’t directly asking for payment off of fiverr?
How can you 100% understand what was OP’s fault (if any) from his initial post?
It is unclear and I am trying to help him. If OP posts the image of his flagged message and his warning.

I was successful in making CS remove warnings from my account several times.

I believe I can help OP do the same if he did not violate TOS.

Just saying…


You are right . As Alex said that he didn’t asked the buyer for outside payment. And I think if He really didn’t asked then he should not get warning .If he can show us what kind of warning he got then we can understand… There something misunderstanding.

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Asking payment outside is against fiverr ToS.

But there may be another case can you please share screen shot ?


do not go against fiverr terms and conditions. please read terms & conditions carefully. I hope you will get your solution.