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Recently I got a warning because of SELF PROMOTION VIOLATION. the reason they give is you have message another seller but I didn’t contact the seller he message me first I am aware of the rule so is that fair and will CS will help me to remove the warning?

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If you can show CS that the warning was given incorrectly and they agree, they probably will remove it. They’ve removed someone else’s warning when it was given wrongly as far as I know.

I’d suggest contacting them through the seller help centre if the warning has been given incorrectly.

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Yes they will remove it. However, if he contacted you first and you still self-promoted, that’s still a violation of the TOS I believe. Talk with customer support, they will let you know.

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This violation is a part of the TOS I guess!

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Surely if they contact you first about your gigs you are then allowed to promote your gigs in some way. eg. surely if a buyer asks about gig x and whether you can do y in it and you promote (“encourage the sale”) by saying something like “I could do that for x dollars” (and it’s no more than your normal gig price) that’s okay because they asked first about the gig.

The only place in the TOS where self promotion is mentioned is

Sellers who invest in self-promotion may achieve greater customer satisfaction

Surely the warning is about if someone contacts another seller (who hasn’t contacted you about your services) and you’re contacting them to ask them to buy your services (or you advertise your service in the buyer requests section).

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it was a normal communication I didn’t promote of my service just gather basic info to start working later I was unable to message me and I got warning

I have contacted them it is over 24 hours I didn’t hear anything from them

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I’d just wait then. Don’t create another ticket. If you contacted them to let them know all the info (maybe with a screenshot) and said that they were the one who contacted you first, just wait for them to respond. Even if it takes a couple of days.

If you didn’t give them all the info you think they might need it might be okay to update current the ticket with more info. Or leave it and wait to see what they say.

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Thank you yes I did the same I provide a brief about the issue and attached the screenshot

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I got the sad replay :frowning:
I do understand your concern, however, the warning won’t be removed. The screenshot you are providing us is not giving us any information, unfortunately.

Did you show a screenshot of the messages from the Fiverr inbox? Something like that might help prove your case. eg. that the buyer contacted you first (and I’m assuming was interested in your services) and that you didn’t contact a seller to self promote (ie. that you didn’t just start a new conversation with a seller to promote your services)?

Maybe a screenshot with relevant info highlighted and captioned showing the buyer contacting you first about your services etc. and showing that you were only to them etc.

I provide them with a screenshot in which the seller send me the message “HI” (he came through buyer request) then I replay to his message then our conversation start I left two messages to the seller after that I was not able to contact the seller

Can you post the screenshot here?

sorry for this i remove the name thanks

What about all the rest of the messages?
Self promotion violations don’t have to be the first message sent.

You need to remove the username of the other party as that is not allowed on the forum.


It seems like that should be okay if you described to CS what it shows, and that all you said is “how can I help” etc. I don’t know why you said “thank you for your response” if that was the first message the buyer sent though.

Are you also sure it was because of message(s) sent to that buyer and not because of another message/something else?

I’d think if the OP is responding to a buyer interested in his gigs, it’s okay to promote the gig he’s (the buyer is) interested in to that potential buyer. “I can do this gig [that the buyer has asked about] for $x and deliver within a day”.

Yeah, but if he then follows up repeatedly I would think it could be flagged as spamming

So the OP replied then there was two more messages by the OP and then he was attempting to send another and realized he had been blocked.


In the warning, it is clearly mentioned that we ask that you do not send messages to other users promoting/offering one of your Fiverr Gigs, service so that the reason I got a warning but I didn’t message the seller for promoting my services

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Thank you for your brief explanation i sad so (thank you for your response) because he came from buyer request