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Got website traffic but not even one sale!

Beware Traffic does not bring any sales!! I did better on my own Twitter account. Disappointed * {

When the goal is to generate sales the traffic should be targeted.

Nobody can give guarantee of sales. If that were to be the case, google need to give guarantee of the sales when we use their adwords. But that doesnt happen.

Sales is the variable controlled by the customer. All we can do is show them the ad and move on.

Most sites need a ton of traffic to make a sale. But gigs that offer tons of traffic for $5 are not targeted, or possibly even human visitors that really visit your site through a link.

If looking to make sales, SEO is all you need. Google traffic converts quite good, you get a ton of it and you get it basically for free.

Just use a logic and common sense… Is it logical in any business to invest $5 and make a profit of $1000 ?

All you can expect from traffic from fiverr gigs is to improve your Alexa rank, nothing more. So if your goal is fake Alexa then go for it. If you want sales - you will get nothing :slight_smile: