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Got Your Excuses Ready?

It is amazing how quickly the blame has shifted from Algorithms to Pro gigs.

In a way, I guess for some people it is lucky that Pro gigs came along when they did as the Algorithm excuse was wearing a bit thin and they were going to have to start looking at themselves and what they have done to improve sales. Phew! Lucky that Fiverr was there to introduce something new to blame, eh?

Imagine if they hadn’t!
It would have been chaos, what with people actually looking at ways to adapt to a changed market, to improve what they offer, to stand out from the crowd, to attract clients! So it is a relief to have the Pro gigs (and the new sellers with Pro gigs) to hold accountable for all of our troubles, all of our woes!

The forum would have become full of people talking about the different approaches they have tried, what seems to have worked, what hasn’t, the new gigs they have created, the upgrades or expansions of existing gigs - it would have been a hive of innovation and invention! I’m not sure I would have been able to cope with all the Well Done messages or perhaps “I did something like that but in this way…” type responses that I would have felt compelled to write!

So anyway, within 2 weeks or so, the Pro excuse is going to be wearing a bit thin (for me it is already) so for those using it as their reason to not do anything I took the liberty of thinking up something new to blame. Saying “it’s summer and everyone is on holidays” is always a popular one at this time of year and that will give you around 2 months of leeway so try that one out.
After that, it will be Autumn/Fall and the kids will be going back to school so clearly nobody will be buying then - that’s another month covered! I am struggling for an excuse for October/November so you need to come up with that one yourself (I know, its a lot to ask) but then it comes to the golden period which you get a free pass on.

EVERYONE knows that nobody buys at Christmas time! And despite this, in January/February they will not buy because they need to pay off their Credit Card bills for all that stuff that they didn’t buy at Christmas.
I am hoping that Fiverr will do something positive that we can blame in March 2018 and that should take us close enough to Summer Exam time and then summer but if not, at least I have plenty of time to come up with a back-up excuse in the meantime.

Phew! That took a while but it was worth it! I now have almost a year of excuses ready so I don’t need to worry about doing anything to improve my situation! An afternoon well spent! Time to put my feet up and watch as people thank me for this invaluable resource that will be of use to so many of you!


Huh? I haven’t really been paying attention in either case. Pretended to show interest, of course.


Grass is always greener on the other side, or so it seems. I’ve observed that the more mature or wiser you get, the numbers of things you can find to put your blame on tends to shrink down.
If you keep blaming something or the other all the time, you’ll miss out on the chance to know what really is causing you all the problems.


Buyers are busy during October finding the perfect Halloween costume. Nobody buys during October because people spend their free time sewing, gluing, cutting and creating the perfect outfit. November includes national pizza day, black Friday, cyber Monday, toilet day, television day and so many other wonderful holidays celebrated around the world that bring people together. Buyers are too busy party hopping and recovering from hangovers to shop for services on Fiverr. Didn’t you know?


Oh thanks for this!
An excuse connoisseur also messaged me to say that Halloween and Thanksgiving are widely accepted excuses for those months so it’s great that we have that period covered.
As an Irishman, I get a pass for March with Paddy’s day but the rest of you need to sort that out.


Is this sarcasm or reverse psychology? Lol

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Why is it I want to buy you a pint after that?


It’s reverse sarcasm!

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I’m not sure but why don’t we go into this bar and discuss it?

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Thanks for posting.
This will save me significant time from thinking. Now I don’t even have an excuse for having bad excuses.


@eoinfinnegan Thanks for moving my post to another thread that more fits for the post. I withdrawn it though. It doesn´t matter anyway for the ship has sailed, so it doesn´t matter what I needed to say.:slight_smile:

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