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Gotten Top 20% for Adobe Photoshop test


I have taken test with Adobe Photoshop and gotten Top 20%. What’s your score?


I have done Illustrator. I have to say, it was difficult and about the things I would never use working in Illustrator, some rare things, totally useless.


Great!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:





8.8? Nice!

I agree these tests are overly difficult. One of the questions on the PowerPoint test is something like, “What is the symbol on the toolbar for [tool I wasn’t even aware existed, despite being quite familiar w/ PP]?”

Both my scores have been 6-7 and are top 20% or better, so seemingly most takers fail completely.

I love the concept but I think the material could be better.


Yes 8.8 under 17mins :slight_smile:


Congratulations… Go Ahead