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Government agencies are monitoring Fiverr

You better believe that every US and European government regulatory agency is currently monitoring Fiverr for illegal activity, and a crack-down will be imminent. Fiverr’s Privacy Policy allows them to turn over all records to regulatory agencies without a court order.

Regardless if it’s a petty scammer or the Seller who provides the marketing materials for him, it’s very easy for these agencies to follow the trail of corruption on Fiverr and build a case for prosecution. Even the fact you’ve clicked on this Forum post is recorded.

I love the opportunities that Fiverr offers legitimate businesses and I’m sick and tired of the criminal element that threatens it. However, I’m confident their days are numbered.


corruption? there is a vast difference between “dodgy” behaviour and corruption. Corruption implies maleficence on the part of Fiverr. I think you will find government agencies have better things to do with their them time then worry about what is going on here.



Nah, they are all looking for my UPYOUR advice series so they can up their game a bit.



I have to say, I liked your sense of humour.

On a side note, if they are watching all this and this reply, I want to tell them " Hey you guys, thanks for giving me this special feeling"

Btw, I feel sorry for them if they actually read every post from “My Fiverr Gigs” and " Improve My Gig" category.


Proof needed please for all of these points, otherwise you are again just ‘having a go’ at other sellers for what you see as your benefit. Make everybody else look bad, and you’ll look good. Sadly, this often backfires…


@matureactress If you do not do anything illegal, then there is no need to worry about this issue.



Big deal - you read the ToS - that doesn’t mean that anything you said in your original post is true or can be verified. Is anybody monitoring every user on Fiverr just because you say so - I doubt it.

I’ve no doubt that whatever agency is monitoring anybody who requires monitoring, but coming on here and shouting about it as if the rest of us are all criminals, and you’re the only one who’s squeaky clean isn’t the way to let whichever ‘agencies’ are involved do their jobs. You know - maybe they’d want to keep it quiet for the element of surprise? :wink:


you are more likely to get your laundry washed on here then see any money laundering.


There she goes again :joy: [What she means to say is: See, I’m so clean and good, and the rest of you are crooks and you’re going down. She has been very consistent with this message, has kept at it for months now.] [@offlinehelpers gets it, dunno if the rest of you get it or not.]


My message to US and European government regulatory agencies: Hey, you’re welcome to order, will only cost you $5 for an article or blog post of 500 words, but please note I have a high delivery time of 29 days (as explained in the gig description). If you’re okay with that, then please go ahead. Thanks!


Lol still promoting your gig!! Love your spirit buddy:rofl:


Writer, You know it right that people with an IQ above than average like you are not that common. Thank you Captain Obvious for pointing out what we all failed to understand.


Sorry @eoinfinnegan, it’s just the 10 year old in me but I giggle every time I see that thinking “upyours” a common Brooklyn greeting. :grinning:

Sorry for OT, back to flaming…


I was looking for a memorable tag for the series - I think I achieved that.


If government agencies are monitoring Fiverr, why do they still spend $50,000 to get a logo designed?


Since joining Fiverr 18 months ago, I have regularly received requests for me to provide marketing videos for obvious scammers.

Last week it was for a Buyer who claimed to be a non-profit organization for US Vets with PTSD and their families (I fall into that category) …after a bit of due diligence I found the Buyer was not a non-profit. Then, a Buyer from one of the world’s poorest nations wanted me to endorse his bit coin investment company with a claim it was the world’s largest. I told him he would need to prove his claim to me first…crickets. I’m certain those 2 Buyers will continue to search for a Seller that will provide them with what they want.

Yes, I’ve reported it all to Fiverr and I will start reporting to the government regulatory agencies too.

As far as I am aware, requesting any of those things is not actually criminal.
Sure, they might be planning to do illegal things with them but there is nothing there that an any government agency could actually act upon unless there was more information where they had actually scammed. Preemptive policing of that kind doesn’t happen and these are certainly not serious enough issues to warrant any kind of monitoring.


There’s a TOS? I never read it, lol. I just don’t do anything I shouldn’t be doing. Simple.


Maybe you mean ‘opportunities’ - oh, wait, maybe not. :wink: