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Government ID not showing for verify fiverr account

Fiverr requesting ID verification in 14 days. But there are only 2 options showing to do this. Passport & Driving License. But Government ID not showing. I don’t have a Passport or Driving License. What is the way to fix this problem?


Contact Fiverr’s customer support at: and tell them your problem.


I said the problem, but not got any help from them.

What have they told you ?

They said this can not be done without a passport or driving license?
If I not give a passport or driving license, my account will be restricted. I don’t have them.

Then you can order emergency passport and verify it .


If you need any help about emergency passport don’t forget to contact me. I think I can help you. ( I got my passport within 4 days)


can I get help from you ?? I need to get passport emergency,I already applied for it

Inbox me. I’ll try my best for you.

For me, It only showed the passport option. I choosed it and uploaded my National ID anyways as i don’t have a passport or driving license. It didn’t work for a couple of times as it said that it’s not my official ID. so i contacted CS to Tell them it’s my official ID and what should i do. but after a couple of hours i got a notification says That my ID was verified (Before CS reply) so it worked. Try it maybe it will work with you too.


I have verified the fiverr account with national identity card, you can try

Ok I will try. Thanks!

They restricted my account. :frowning:

Don’t woory,fiverr verification is simple process…
Contact with CS and ask for some times and tell them you will do verification process this time properly…They will provide again 7days or 14 days

Great tip, I will recommend this to others