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Government Servants in India

Really lost my cool this morning at a bank officer at a government-controlled bank, India’s biggest. The lady was acting like she was some Brown Sahib and I was a serf. She treats everyone that way, but most Indians are naturally nice and polite people they stay quiet. I really blasted her, was really arrogant and showed her place. By the time I was done, she was calling me “Sir, Sir” etc. Probably not used to customers hitting back. I really, really hate it when people condescend to me. When you are on the right, and the other person is wrong, when the rules are in your favor, hit back, don’t take any crap from anyone.


what is a brown Sahib?
What is a serf?

also…I find you generalizing ALL government servants in india a bit insulting.

So you behaved badly to her because she behaved badly to you, and you’re the one who’s right?

Why can’t everyone just treat each other the way they’d like to be treated? They reckon Britain’s class system still exists, but it seems we’re not the only ones.


All those mean evil government servants in india have one thing in common…they interacted with


also, when you refer to someone as servant , it sounds as you think they are beneath you.

All government employees go home at the end of the day to their families…just like



I have this rule. I am good with most people. But if somebody treats me badly, I treat them worse. That’s why I was never able to find proper employment and had to quit every job, but don’t care.


Makes sense - good luck with that!

Well, I have survived :slight_smile:

That’s what life is about, fighting and surviving, living for another day, with your head held high. Never surrender, never give an inch. Once you start giving in, there is no end to it. If you are on the right, you have nothing to fear. Be fearless, be ruthless in your defense, even if that costs you.

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Like I said, good luck with that - each to his own etc. :slight_smile:



And as for me, I really like this quote: ˝I´m all peace, love and go f**k yourself˝. :grin:


Hello, we refer to government employees as government servants in India. Nothing derogatory. Both my parents were government servants.


Even ministers are servants (of their country/state/people - "the term minister comes from Middle English, deriving from the Old French word ministre, originally minister in Latin, meaning “servant, attendant”). Not that they all behave as if they are or exhibit the proper decorum. Or probably even know it. :wink:


Why most of the government servants are rude in nature?
Same is the case here. But bankers are so polite,cooperative and well mannered here in Pakistan.

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Bankers are generally nice, never had a problem before this. First rude banker I have faced. Which is why I became so angry. My mom was a banker too, so I have known banks all my life.


I think its SBI bank ?

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Yes, you are right…

hahahahhaa they think like they are the owner of bank

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The older staff are okay, the younger staff think they are the Masters of the Galaxy.