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Grace & Frankie Season 3, Episode 2 Reminds Me Of Fiverr

If you’ve seen it–where they try to get a loan from the incubator, you know exactly what I mean.

Also, S3 is awesome so far. Go watch it. Sadly, Sol seems to be even more irritating than ever.

lol Season 3 is the best Season ever :sunglasses:

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I was :heart_eyes: when I saw it had finally come out!

Non G&F lovers, you’re all missing out. It’s a great show and they really whacked the nail on the head of tech companies in the episode I referenced. I couldn’t find a YouTube link of the scene so you’ll all just have to Netflix it.

[not a promo… much]

I’m trying to wait to start season 3. I know the minute I start, I will be hooked for hours!! Jane and Lily were on some late night talk show this week and their chemistry is so great. I don’t think Sol will ever change.