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Grade A Bull - Setting Us To Fail


I put a gig together, take the time to get it done nicely and professionally like I did all my other gigs and once I pressed Submit - BAM!!

I get my 1st warning (after I was just about to get my Level 1 finally).

If Fiverr “KNOWS” you gig is not “valid” so why not letting YOU know BEFORE you submit and punish you?! Let the people know so we can avoid, fix, adjust to understand it better. Only makes sense instead of immediately punish.

Funny thing, it is a legit gig and does not break any TOS. There are other gigs under that category that are in your face breaking TOS and while I reported them multiple times, nothing happened.

Anyone to talk to waive this first warning?


What did the warning say you did wrong?

If you reported other gigs offering the same thing you must have known it was against TOS? If not, why were you reporting them? ( Just trying to understand.)


The other gigs I reported don’t do the same thing. They do however break TOS.

Warning says:
Your Gig requires modification - Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam

Of course I won’t try to modified the gig and risk it with more punishment. That’s an odd system they built there.


Well without seeing the gig or knowing what it’s about it’s hard to say what’s going on. Anyway in another 30 days you will have another chance at working toward the next level.

Third party TOS violation means it was about another site and somehow manipulating something on them.

I see your point about the warning however. But it’s up to us to know in advance what will violate rules of another site and if you are someone manipulating views on a site or something like that it’s best to avoid that.


The gig is simple. It’s how to help business owners keep their positive yelp reviews from being filtered.

I DO NOT SELL REVIEWS (or ever did). Don’t even know how. My FAQ and Description says it 100 times.

In fact, ALL of my chats when I asked to says NO.


I can understand how this would violate that site’s TOS. I know nothing about that site but if they want to filter the reviews that’s up to them. It sounds like outright manipulation of reviews.


I do not filter reviews. No one can but Yelp. I took all that information on HOW TO RESPOND TO REVIEWS and put it together in an easy way to understand.

How is it an issue?


Guess what?! They just canceled my account completely!

Unbelievable!! I had hundreds of dollars there including open orders as a buyer and a seller.



Did I not understand this word “filter”?


I see what you’re saying. I figured out by testing that what Yelp telling you to do is helpful to one’s account. Yelp saying what to do and how. I pointing it out.

Still, selling reviews gigs are on Fiverr all day long.


Just because you see other sellers offering similar gigs, does not make it okay for you to do the same. Those other sellers just haven’t been caught yet.


Far from it! I do not.

This gig is not even remotely close to selling reviews in any way shape form.


Well there you go. Manipulating their reviews is against TOS.


Fiverr has taken action, and that action is usually final. If you have concerns, only Fiverr CS can answer them for you. Ask them for clarification. We cannot help you “fix” warning or gig/account removal issues.


I can’t speak for the actions of fiverr but I can guess that it’s a very serious offense to do this. Very serious. And one that fiverr does not take lightly. I can definitely understand why they might remove the account of someone who offers this or anything similar to this.

Sellers are better off to not offer any type of gig that has anything to do with reviews.


If you had the word “REVIEW” in your gig title, it may have set off some red flags.


Point is that Fiverr HAS the algorithm to tell its user their gig is not valid and they choose to punish instead of giving a chance to fix.

Who’s loosing here?

  • Fiverr
  • The seller
  • The buyer

It’s like the police giving you a ticket for a law you broke, but they don’t share with you what you’ve done - only THEY know what it is. If you don’t tell someone their borders, they will keep fail.

Makes sense? Nop!


Maybe they don’t go into many specifics, but they do share what you’ve done. If a gig is denied it’ll give a reason like “Copyright Infringement,” “Trademark Infringement,” or “Editorial Focus.” Usually you can put it together from there.


You’re missing the point.

A. Why being vague?
B. Why punish when they simply tell you what to fix and let you fix it and post?

Would you tell your kids “go to your room” without explaining why? And if you would, you’d say “you did something wrong”?!

Or you’d explain what was done wrong so he won’t repeat it?


We are supposed to know that manipulating reviews on a site like Yelp is against that site’s TOS. It’s common sense that Yelp does not want someone to sell information on how to do that.

It’s best to simply get rid of those sellers who try to post gigs like that due to legal ramifications of leaving a seller on fiverr who does that. Fiverr does not want to annoy other sites. It’s not a small innocent thing to do that in the opinion of Yelp. It could lead to complaints or legal situations.

Sites have legal teams of lawyers who do nothing but spend every day looking for things like that and filing complaints.

Sellers need to have some basic rules and common sense they follow, and not be so hasty to think that it’s ok to manipulate reviews.