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Grade A Bull - Setting Us To Fail


I don’t think I’m missing the point. I understand what you’re saying. Neither of you analogies fits it well, though. They aren’t being nearly that vague. More like, “Go to your room for saying a bad word.” If the kid thinks through the past 5 minutes, he’ll most likely see what he did.


As for the reason fiverr does not spell it out for you in detail:

  1. you should know what’s wrong in advance, they shouldn’t have to
  2. most of the time it will just lead to an angry argumentative response
  3. they want to avoid seeming to accuse someone of anything specific, for reasons that are obvious. They have to be cautious.

Most of us don’t think about any legal ramifications of simply doing business on the internet but that is not a good way to be. There are all kinds of things that can cause problems. Fiverr is worth possibly one billion dollars and it does not want to be targeted due to some sellers doing things other sites don’t allow.