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Graphic Artist or Con Artist

Well lets see, first I supposedly hire a “graphic artist” on Fiverr, or that’s what he billed himself as, having tons of experience, a Master’s Degree, and can create a product in a “day or two” blah blah blah. He advertises his work as costing $5, with adders of extra variations, file type, incredible artwork, and extra fast for increments of +$5 or +$10 each. I choose the basic plan but first ask him to review my request and tell me “if” he can do it before we move forward. I have sent him an attachment with all the specifics of what I want and how I want it to look. He responds “yes he can do it, but it will cost $50 now and take 3 days”. So I think well, he’s rated as a level 2 “graphic artist”, so I’ll pony up and pay the increase to get something good.

Three days goes by and I finally get a message late on the 3rd day he’ll need more time. Hmmm, I didn’t see a reduction of cost in his pricing overview for this, so we are already out of contract. Then, one hour later boom, he’s pulled it together and gives me his 5 day wait “graphic artist” creation, with a side note of this is what he has now and he maybe he could improve on it, but he doesn’t know how.


Unfortunately, the final product looks nothing like I asked for, uses colors I specifically didn’t want, and looks like he took maybe 10 minutes, if that, to whip it together. Basically, just a bunch of gifs crowded together and saved as a png file from some basic logo program with limitations. But, that shouldn’t be a problem for a “graphic artist”, who has a Master’s Degree and tons of experience… right?


I honestly believe he does have a Master’s Degree and tons of experience, only as a “con artist”, not a graphics artist.

So here I sit, waiting for him to give a crap, which I doubt he does, out $50 and still needing to find a true graphic artist who can look at my specs and do the job.

Advice anyone?


  • You have the right to request a modification and see if he can come up with something better.

  • You can tell him that you are not satisfied and ask for a mutual cancellation to receive a refund (it is up to him to agree).

  • You can simply leave a negative review and try to find someone else.

Beyond that I do not think there is anything you can do. I highly doubt Fiverr support will give you a refund based on personal taste.

Thanks for your help. I asked for a revision, but without specifics. I was hoping he’d go back to my original direction and go from there. I’m thinking now he only has the ability to deliver me premade graphics from some silly program, not originals designed by him. I wonder if the term “graphic artist” has changed to mean something completely different than it used to.

When asking for a revision, you’re supposed to be specific. If nothing else, that way you’re covered in the case that the buyer doesn’t deliver according to your specifications.

If that doesn’t work, you can initiate the mutual cancellation and get a refund, and then find someone better.

tsmark said: Hmmm, I didn't see a reduction of cost in his pricing overview for this, so we are already out of contract.

Keep in mind that it's literally impossible for a seller to give you a partial refund. Such an option doesn't exist, you either get it all back or the seller keeps your money (in which case you can leave him an honest feedback and tell everyone about your experience).

That is a bad seller it sounds like, me being a graphic designer I don’t charge extras for anything and using a low quality program to create something unprofessional is definitely not a person with a degree. I would advise getting a revision or cancelation, you pay $50 for something that probably looks like a auto generated program has done. Hope you get what your looking for.

I’m sorry to hear you had this experience. A true graphics artist – especially one with a degree – should be focused on the quality of his/her work, and not just whipping something up. There are some great graphics artists on this site (myself included). As @catwriter pointed out, always be specific. This removes most of the doubt and confusion with any gig, and improves the odds that a true graphics artist can deliver something in the area of the quality work you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Believe me, when you look up “specific” in the dictionary, they show a picture of me. :wink:

I originally sent in a very detailed request, complete with examples of how I wanted things to look. To try and help the modification request, I spent 3 hours on the Internet today looking for items with free rights and came up with a workable backgrounds, a font, and the specific colors I wanted. The only thing left was pulling it all together to create the logo I wanted with usable files. I also included a clause which basically just said "hey, if this isn’t something you can do, please just let me know before you go any further and I’ll move on."

My answer today from the artist, was that he was more of a “vector artist” rather than a pixel artist. I do know the difference between those, but I’m a customer looking for an graphics artist and I’m hoping to find someone at least as talented as myself to create this. I’d do it myself, but I have a business to run and I need a graphic artist to do their magic, because it may take me hours to do what an artist can do in minutes.

The good news, I got my refund (almost all of it), although, I wonder if it’s stuck in my Fiverr account now, or will be refuned to my VISA as I paid. I’ll worry about that later, but now I still need a talented graphics artist.

I can give you guys who helped out here a shot if you are interested, but I need someone who can design a logo banner following my specifications that looks realistic, not cartoony. I also need someone who will tell me up front that if what I’m asking for is not their talent. I may even need someone who can do illustration, not sure.

Chase183, you spoke up first, are you interested in giving it a shot?

Reply to @tsmark:

In regards to the refund, as I understand it, those funds are “stuck” in Fiverr as Fiverr credits. Fiverr has chosen not to issue refunds back to their funding source, instead, converting all refunds into credits that can be used to purchase other gigs.

As far as you needing a talented graphics artist, I would be happy to see if I can offer my assistance (after Chase183, of course :wink: ). Please feel free to send me a private message via the “contact me” link, and let me know some specifics about what kind of work you need done for this particular project. I would be happy to let you know up front whether I have those necessary skills or not.