Graphic Artists help please? Can I cancel?


I am a buyer. I was looking for a graphic artist to make me 2 logos. I gave over 10 samples and was detailed but gave freedom of the design I wanted. Everything that was made did not resemble or looked like the samples. I then designed my own sample and sent to her to make instead. Providing the fonts included. I dont know how to use photoshop, so I just made on on word. Just to give her a feel of what I wanted. She made her own but I still did not like it. This is my brand I want to buy something I want to use 100%. Not something I dislike. Is it unfair if I cancel my order? Can I cancel my order? I dont want her to waste her time and make more, her art is nice but not what I want for my brand.


If she delivered what you asked it wouldn’t be fair cancelling an order. If her quality did not match what you initially thought, you can ask the seller to mutually cancel the order so that it doesn’t affect her business and you get the payment back.

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Here is my thought lets say you paid 10$ for the logo and didn’t get what you wanted. Instead of asking for a refund you decide to let the seller keep the money so that you won’t hurt his or her feelings. Then you look for another seller, same situation as the first seller happens. If this keeps happening, will you let all of them keep the money?