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Graphic Design gig, How does it looks?

I am Graphic designer. I am new seller. Logo design gig, How does it looks?


A couple things.

Offering 100% Customer Satisfaction, Unlimited Revisions and Lifetime Support for a $5 Gig is the recipe for disaster.

I’ll hire you, no problem.

But I’ll get you to revise the logo you design for me probably a dozen times or more.

And since you give me lifetime support, expect me to contact you in a year with more revisions.

Plus, you will never be able to completely satisfy me.

I’m getting a great deal for just $5.

You end up working for me for at least a year.

See what I mean?


I couldn’t agree more. Never offer unlimited revisions. Promising 100% customer satisfaction is fine, but combined with unlimited revisions included in the price, and lifetime support.

I highly recommend upping your price to a respectable level since 5-dollar-gigs attract a lot of bad buyers who will take advantage of you.


thank you @smashradio.

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