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Graphic design gigs can we use fee images as well

when creating graphic design gigs can we use fee images as well to incorporate them into the final product, for a gig im creating its for album artwork that is based on images that the customer may have to use a starting point as well I have free commercial use Images that I can use for any commercial purpose, does fiverr only want us to create our own images from scratch, I will also be adding image FX and text etc.


In my opinion, as long as you make any alteration to the image which you use and not using the images as “itself” (in other word, incorporate it with other graphic assets just like you have mentioned), there should be no problem with it as you combine “resources” into “artwork”.

Just make sure you are not infringing someone’s work (of course this one is prohibited).

Again, it is just my opinion as i’m also a designer.

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