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Graphic design Orders



I am a graphic designer really good at what I do and passionate about getting my customers satisfied. I can design posters, banners, web banners, web ads, business cards, tri-fold brochures, logos, etc. Just think of anything and I will express it graphically for you.

But I find it difficult to get orders often. So I’m asking if anyone here could help me out by telling what to do exactly to draw customers to my graphic gigs and get them order it.



Your gig description states that you have a “wealth of knowledge and experience in Information Management/Marketing”. If you have great knowledge in marketing, diagnosing your current issues should be self-remedied, correct?

If not, you should know that design is one of the largest categories on Fiverr. It’s very coagulated. If you have skills outside of that, I would pursue those options. Other than that, you have to work really hard and think creatively to stand out from many.


Thanks, I’m a marketer and it’s been through those efforts that I made the sales I have so far. Just like you mentioned, Fiverr is very coagulated when it comes to graphics and I have to work really hard. I agree and I keep seeing people getting thousands of orders and ques. Those I believe are humans and if they’re really here or you know them, I’d like to know more about what they’re doing differently to get those.