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Graphic Designer, don't sell your creativity so cheap!

I’ve saw many of my buyer give me their previous document from another fiverr seller with very low quality, that mean he/she sell their gig so cheap and it lead to poor quality of gig. Buyer waste their times to find another better to do again.

In my case, I alway ask buyer to contact me b4 place any order, i give price base on my work and it worth every penny they spend. Finally i got very good rating (100% 5 star). And i’m sooo happy with what i did for them and they’re, too.

So I might came up with a idea that why we don’t create a group of high quality designer in this forum. With this one, we can update to our gig we are in this group and buyer when see this icon/logo of our group, they know we are high quality graphic designer and willing to pay high etc.

And we easily to get sales cause we in this group.

This is my rough idea and want to ask your guys.


Same here. I also have 100% 5 star ratings. I’ve worked with a lot customers who mentioned that some new sellers have spoiled their experience by using copyrighted material. Partly agree in creating a group in forum as I believe buyer don’t visit forum a lot. Some people only join for getting the job done and they never replies after its done. They never login the account again.

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Yup, but we can create a mark of our group, and we stick them to our gig cover/sample picture to let buyer know we in this group, they will find out what is this group about. Need more idea about this.

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Sounds like a great idea. We’ll update things regularly according to conditions. But how will we start with it? Would we gather up designers with 100% ratings? And what if sellers of other categories also start a making their own groups? I wonder if Fiverr will take it as spam or self promotion and there is risk of getting account banned. What do you think?

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I agree with you guys. Even though can we blame people for selling design for $5 which is low quality? Some buyers are not willing to pay more. On the end of the day they get what they pay. In general I am glad fiverr did packaging system with some design subcategories and illustrations, should actually do same with everything in field of a design. Now self promotion is something we can do, I think fiverr actually encourages self promotion, as well if I am not wrong in every forum system groups and clubs are allowed. The main issue would be how to let someone in or not? Like who would review their fiverr profiles and GIGs and feedback and reviews? And who would give the badge on a profile? It is something what should be brought to fiverr moderation or administration and asked for.


“that mean he/she sell their gig so cheap and it lead to poor quality of gig”

No, that means the buyer didn’t like it. You may think you’re a great graphic designer, but you’re going to have clients that hate your work. If it hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry, it will happen, and then you’ll wonder why did you spent all that time for a client that demanded a refund or gave you one star.

Quality is subjective, the London 2012 Olympics logo cost $400,000 to develop, and it was widely hated.

Others hate the Sherwin-Williams logo because it’s covering the earth in paint. I don’t mind, but again, whether a logo is good or bad is based on OPINION, not fact.

In conclusion, for some graphic designers it’s wroth charging $5, let them be.


i think for graphic design $5 is best price.

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Hmm, i think we gather those member:

Ask for toprate seller in graphic design if they would like to joiin
Ask for 100% rating as you said.

When we got quite member, we will make topic and annouce the member of this group.

And then we create 1 team of recuitment for new member, everyone approve will join our group and can attach the mark/logo of our group to the gig sample. etc.

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yup, i think if this is new feature of fiverr, this will be revolution!!!, it make we proud when i got that badge. First we must gather idea and other opinions as much as we can, so far so good.

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Sure, i may miss some graphic design categlory worth charging 5$ such as icon design. It is good sample for 5$ gig.

But in my categlory, infographic, 5$ for 1 infogaphic with huge amount of info need illustration that is a proplem, and buyer keep fall mistake in 5$ gig and what they would get.

Ok, @fastcopywriter, so that link was worth sharing with my spouse. Laughs had all around. If I need a logo, price probably won’t be the only factor. The giggles were worth more. Perhaps you (and several other people) should create a special tip gig for people who got $5 worth of laughter from your forum post. Thanks!

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If someone give you high quality work at very low prices its natural they will be get lots of orders and success on Fiverr. $5 is not for all type of services it depends upon requirement, So that’s why we all have Custom offer and Gig Packages option.
we all here for earning money. choose your own way to get more :slight_smile:

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I totally agree!!! Bloody hilarious! Thanks @fastcopywriter! :slight_smile:

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Honestly I charge $5 for my work. I usually charge around the £150 mark for originals to be shipped but since I can’t send via Royal Mail anymore and Yodel have messed me around, I don’t ship canvas - I only send digital scans. And I’ve tried lowering my prices to $5 for all my other graphic work, but, never get any sales. xD I think it’s a really good idea to get a group of designers together like that

Yup, we need to discuss about this group

I’m in the Illustration category. I think it’s a problem that people still charge $5 in 2015 if they really do high quality work, (2016 coming soon). Fortunately Fiverr woke up from the dream & finally bring in their new #gigPackages system and able to set gig base price beyond $5. Let’s admit it, what kind of work will you do for just $4 ($1 to fiverr commission).

Like me doing Portrait, $4 draw a black and white still takes at least 1 hour. Totally underpaid even though sometimes I got a lot of orders of $4, I don’t feel happy.

Today economy even a better coffee cost more than $5, I highly encourage all ‘real talented’ designer / artist mark up your base price to at least $10 - $20, let’s the design/art industries knew that we need to pay our bill too!

It’s time put the old $5 in the past and move on to a better price to our hard work with love.

quality is not subjective in graphic design, it is very objective… lets say this, final design delivered at 5000x5000pix, 300 dip vs. final design at 250x250 and 50dip…first one is high quality, second one is poor quality. final design delivered at jpeg format with low resolution is poor quality, jpeg with high resolution is good, now PSD; HQ PDF; AI; ESP; RVG; PSD are high quality (some of them layered high quality) final design. As well those formats we call source file, and if someone wants more then good, e.i. source file in final design delivery they pay extra for it. You want HQ, pay HQ. You wanna poor quality, fine, pay poor quality. But as I said that quality is objective. Subjective are creativity, style, colors scheme etc…

I agree with you. I know there is no way I would do HQ book cover (front, spine, back) for a $5. Because it takes time to read book summary to at least get a bit into a theme of it, then it takes time to figure out how to make it, choose colors, shapes, topic, align everything together…like creative process of designing anything or illustrating takes time and I don t think $5 is equal to it. That is why we got packages, and before that had gig extras. 5 is a base, and then extras are determinating full price for full work done.

Yeah, Im terrible with digital work, but I wish you the best of luck with it!