[Graphic Designer] How to work and Grow? can Fiverr be full time


I have been on fiverr since 2012. My graphic Designing skills is Very good and i am struggling to make money here. Fiverr is adding just 150$ monthly to my bank. I want to hit 3000$. Is it Possible?

If yes, then please share your strategies or plans and Experiences.

I happy to listen and reply.



Reply to @imparamvir: Good luck. Plain old standard language works fine too; nothing fancy required. :slight_smile:


yes well said, any thing is possible. Thanks for writing here. You advice is appersiable.


Anything is possible, but every big goals takes a LOT of work. In addition to providing outstanding service every time, you can also try to figure out what other gigs your customers would be interested in and offer them, one at a time. When they are browsing your new gigs, they will be exposed to your other gigs as well. Off the top of my head, when I need a graphic designer for logos, I sometimes reach out to the same person to design brochures. You can offer custom Instagram backgrounds or something cool like celebrity endorsed photos where you photoshop a celebrity into a photo and it says- I LOVE (insert name of business) or you can offer custom memes, where you provide the funny message and the image and they offer how they would like it to be customized. There are lots of ways to expand. Don’t focus on one offering. Good luck!