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Graphic designers "lying" about their style/designs

I’m new to Fiverr, and I’ve ordered both a logo and t-shirt design from two different sellers, after being impressed with their portfolio. The products I received were nowhere near the style and quality that was shown. I know it’s only $5, but I just don’t like feeling like I was cheated and lied to. Anyone else have this issue?

One majorly common thing is that a designer either has some awesome art on the front page, and displays his average quality in the other pictures. This is something to watch out for, especially logo’s since it’s easy to copy a logo from a stock photo site and color it in.

Always make sure to communicate with the seller, and be sure to hammer down the level of quality offered. You cannot cancel a sale because of “taste” according to the Fiverr ToS, but you can if you agreed a level of quality before, or comparable art as reference.

You can always request a mutual cancellation, or instead of accepting the delivery, ask for a modification and ask the seller for proper quality work.

Do ask yourself though - what did you really expect for 5$? That’s the key.

Some jobs are not worth completing for 5$

I had the same thing happen. I bought a gig based on the designs on the artist’s page. What I received was incredibly amateurish in style, and I expressed my disappointment after she contacted me for a rating. I let her know that because what I received was so different in quality than what I had received, I could not in good conscience leave a good rating, but my core values wouldn’t let me leave a bad one. She cancelled the gig and I accepted the cancellation.

Understand that I will follow up any gig with the gig extras if the $5 turns out well.

The design? Trashed. I’d be way too embarrassed to use it!

Make sure to leave poor feedback. If you don’t rate the seller, no-one else gets the warning and it won’t show in their gig portfolio. They’ll have to request to have it removed.

Always look at a gig portfolio of actual samples.


I want to add, too, that Design work by professionals even for just a logo you’re looking at a minimum of $50 (used to be a designer, logos typically went for $70 after drafting + creation fees so easily ran up $150, never had a customer complain because you do get what you pay for).

There are those doing $5 of work at the quality you’re paying for. There are also some outstanding artists doing way too much for way too little, it’s a matter of browsing.

I’m still mulling on whether or not to leave a bad review. And it was her portfolio that had me ordering the gig. Ugh. Did she lie?

I’m in the process of reviewing logos for not only my website/brand, but a couple of others as well. I have received the $5 item, then immediately purchased the extra gigs for “more stuff.” One is completed, and the artist did such a good job that I immediately bought two more gigs.

As much as I’d like to go to a professional artist in person, my budget just won’t let me. One of the gigs is for a nonprofit, and this is the only way that I can get (and did!) a good logo. Point taken, though.

Reply to @vegasrenie:

By gig portfolio I meant the “actual samples”. Often there’s a big difference between what people say they will do and what they really produce. As a seller I want to say “give that little guy their first sale!” but as a buyer - I want evidence of work. I want to see what they’ve ACTUALLY produced for other people.

Yeah-that’s what this place is for! Sometimes you just can’t practically spring for it. Hey - do that seller a favor and recommend them in the best fiverr gig thread in Fiverr Stories.

Reply to @inkpetal: I hear you on that. That’s why when I first started my book trailer gig, I created a book trailer for two of my own books. That way, potential buyers had a chance to see a little bit of what I can do. There are many sellers that start out with a blank Portfolio, which is a shame. Having a couple samples up front makes it that much easier to draw attention and start bringing in those much-needed sales!

You could come to me for art, I’m starving for buyers since v3 has my gigs hidden now. I’ve worked for NWA Wrestling and other brands of wrestling creating gigs. You get what you see from me.

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Unless of course that is what you, the seller, offered to complete it for :slight_smile:

Reply to @missashley8705: For my gig I have extras . People should use them,not ask for the for free

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: everyone level 1 and up has extras. To my knowledge they still offer a $5 base service. I believe that is the entire concept the site is based around.

Reply to @vegasrenie: I’ve been through two revisions on a logo I’ve needed with a “designer” with stellar examples. The work produce received showed no talent for design. This is the second time I’ve been through this for what should not be rocket science. I will say that I’ve also had extraordinary results from others, but tried a new designer because I liked their supposed examples.

Reply to @laughingcrow:

I went with a a seller named fragglesrock to do a logo for

While they were quick to deliver the first design and two re-dos, and communicated clearly, the most important part–the logo itself–fell way short of the samples in their FiveRR logo portfolio, my request and what was expected.

From my dealings with the seller, I suspect that the person who produced these logos is new to design work and had nothing to do with any of the logos featured in their portfolio. If so, the service provided me was fraudulent. What do you think?

Could it be because this Top Seller puts less experienced designers on gigs where the buyer didn’t order any of their optional services and more experienced ones on the more profitable gigs? If this is the case, FiveRR isn’t a worthwhile service for me.

Not wanting to waste my money buying a logo and optional services up front, I gave the same $5 gig to four designers and planned to purchase optional services when I chose logo for my site.

Is this strategy flawed?

Sheriff’s note: stop calling out other users names please, it’s against forum TOS

Reply to @cre8iveartwork:

Then don’t post the job!

Reply to @vegasrenie:

If people don’t leave well reasoned, honest, critical feedback, this site is worthless.

Reply to @vegasrenie:

If people don’t leave well reasoned, honest, critical feedback, this site is worthless.

Reply to @missashley8705:

Yes, but the $5 service needs to deliver what’s being offered. I would have if the seller came through with a usable design.

Reply to @powermedia64: I’m not sure how this applies to what I was talking about, sorry.

Reply to @vegasrenie:

I’ve had the exact same experience with 7 designers: Great portfolio, crappy logos.

Core values? Lying by way of omission? You’re doing all buyers a disservice in not posting an honest review.

I said this too: “Understand that I will follow up any gig with the gig extras if the $5 turns out well.”