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Graphic designers "lying" about their style/designs

I think it´s important to give real reviews. If the work is bad you have to review it as it is…

I am a graphic designer and I am working a lot to rise here, trying always to give a proffesional design and working untill the buyer is happy with it.

I know I have to “fight” with Top Sellers that are really good designers, even better than me, but it´s dissapointing to “fight” with other designers that make really bad works but trust in the fact that the buyer have a wonderfull “heart” and never give bad reviews… they cancel the work and that´s all…

It´s dissapointing also because I have only 3 bad reviews, all of them for not deliver the job (I was in hospital with my father) and this people only cancel the work even they are bad proffesionals.

I’ve seen some examples of work in portfolios that are by another artist. Fiverr should check these people out.

This person is also doing just that. She is claiming her mother designed big named dj logos when in fact others have.