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Graphic designers read this!

Hi all hope you are doing great in your graphic designing in this blog I will tell you Why portfolio is so important for all graphic designers.

A lot of the time portfolio is the defining factor that helps you land a new job or client.
Portfolio is also good for self-evaluation purpose, when all your work is in front of you, it’s easier to find gaps in your body of work, for examples in which area you are doing well and in which area you have to improve. A well-assembled portfolio can work as both an employment tool, as well as an act of self-analysis.
There are many ways to which you can display your portfolio, such as web, print, via social media platforms and many more. The way of presenting is all dependent on your content.You can also make picture collage of your work and can show to your clients, it can win deal for you.

For me it depends on
1)Your Creativity: It totally depends on you how creative you are in making your portfolio,you can’t cheat someone’s work and show in your work portfolio.
2)Your Audience: Portfolio depends on the target audience as well.
You can use various platforms over the web to showcase your work , it is always good to use technology to make your portfolio also your design should be original and creative.
Hope this blog will help you.
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Written by Fireartistic