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Graphic designers, vote! :)


When it comes to vectors, what do you use?

The famous and powerful Illustrator, or the simple, easy to use Corel Draw?

Something else maybe?


Illustrator for me. However there are a handful of other programs that I have used in the past, I could never leave Illustrator though.


Illustrator all the way!


Corel X3 pack only


Both for me. Though I like Corel more, it seems to have a problem opening correctly eps and ai files. Hmm… :-?


Reply to @nancy_chr: eps, psd and ai opens flawlessly on v13, sometimes I got problems on shadows and transparency (but that`s not a real big problem). What version do you use?


Reply to @publicsview: I use X5, the problems are mainly on shadows, objects missing etc… Some files cannot be opened at all, it says file is corrupted and I have to open them with Illustrator. Still, I like Corel Draw more, it was the first software they taught us at school :slight_smile:


I like Illustrator!


Illustrator is the right solution for vectorizing… my opinion :slight_smile:


Reply to @nancy_chr: yeah, it`s hard to forget your first love… same here - Corel v9


Reply to @publicsview: My first attempt to create a vector was a seal playing with a ball, I still have the file :slight_smile:



It’s actually pretty easy to use, is there something in particular you cant figure out?


It may be easy for some for for others its a whole new world


I remember when i first started out it was confusing… Photoshop will probably always be my comfort zone but never for logos


Hmmm maybe I should make an illustrator-tutoring gig… lol


I can use both Illustrator and Corel, Photoshop is very nice too since you can work with shapes. But, even if it has some issues, for some simple quick vectors I use Corel Draw.


illustrator, photoshop and indesign. hands down those are my 3 programs. i like corel but it’s more for the artsy person.


I use Illustrator and Photoshop together.

cust0mcr3ationz said: artsy person.

Artsy person??? :)


Reply to @caiterz: You should! :slight_smile: