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Please be careful when buying these billboard logo type products. I’ve noticed a lot of them are only using free phone apps and doing something you could do in about 1 minute.
I know this as i’ve used some of them for my kids. One in particular is called ************* and have seen ****** using them.
I don’t like watching people being conned, so please be careful

Firstly, it is against forum rules to mention a seller’s name like this.
Secondly, ASSUMING without valid proof that this seller in particular is using a free “app” to do artwork is disrespectful, out of place and can seriously damage this seller’s rep.
Because you think this is something that can be done on an app, doesn’t necessarily mean it was. Most designers are able to create their own templates, recreate artwork with their own twist and use as templates OR recreate designs given by buyers for their satisfaction. Whether or not this seller is guilty of what you say they are, next time consult the seller directly and have actual proof before trying to ruin someone’s business.
We’re all here trying to work to eat.
Don’t be the one to mess with someone’s livelihood based off your assumptions.
Food for thought.


OK thank

many of the service here are easy,but not everyone knows that,i guess that is why they are cheap

On the other hand, who cares? For $5, someone else does that magic effect that takes 1 second that a technologically-challenged Mom/Grandma can’t. How many Photoshop people simply know just how to use all the features and texture (etc) collections? It’s exactly the same thing.

It’s not a con. It’s knowing how to do something that someone else can’t–and may not have the time or inclination to learn. Skip the morning coffee and get it done for $5. But yeah, don’t call out people by name. Just be happy that you can keep your money and create your own monstrosities for your kids :slight_smile:

Its true to an extent. But most seller don’t use free phone apps, the do use photoshop templates. Its true that they can do it in 1 minute. But not everyone can do it. You may have to google and learn photoshop. It may take at least a week to practice. No body would like to waste precious time just to learn billboard or mockups etc.
I have seen a gig about wall mural mockups and that gig is FEATURED. He may do it in 1 minute but people like his work.

There is also a lot to be said of sellers defrauding the original artists of certain large video template sites? When clearly you see the same template appearing page after page on fiverr, being sold by different sellers.

Buyers should be aware that they could possibly be receiving pirated goods, as most of these original artists on these large template sites only issue the rights for one time use to the original buyer, and certainly not to sell commercially in an end product multiple times.

It is also harming the rest of the Fiverr community both buyers and legitimate sellers who have to compete with it.

I know another seller pointed this out recently, but I was busy and forgot to add a comment to his in support of his stance on this.

@mariarajput786 I agree with you but how many sellers put that attribution in their gig description? Licensing is a minefield as we know, particularly if we are not aware of what a certain clause actually means?

And to be honest how many of us truly read a licensing agreement when installing new software for instance :slight_smile:

Reply to @stevedb: Appreciate your response. Video template is a different thing. There are thousands of photoshop templates available for free with license attribution. A lot sellers use these though.

Reply to @stevedb: ROFL, Most people think of it as a waste of time. So, they just close eyes and click on ACCEPT :smiley: