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Graphic work has fiverr logo in background


I hired a graphic artist on fiverr to separate parts and make transparent parts of my logo and I needed them to be png because I can not open psd. She did what I asked but the logos came back with the fiverr logo in the background. She said the fiverr logo will disappear after i download it and insert it in my flyer. I did that but the fiverr logo still is part of my logo. We are sending screen shots back and forth. She showed me my logo with a background color without the fiverr but I do not get the same result. Any ideas that will help? Thank you.


Ask her to send all required files to your Inbox in inbox there will not be any Watermark, You can ask for png files in inbox after you complete the order and rate accordingly.


Have you marked the order as complete?

Watermark is the Fiverr’s feature that prevents you from using the logo before the order is accepted and marked as complete.