Graphics & Design category for technical overview



we have created some graphics in microsoft visio. We would like to have these graphics beautifully redrawn, but do not find a suitable category in “Graphics & Design”.
In the category infographics, for example, most offers are with common images and diagrams, etc.
We can’t find an offer with technical images.
I have attached an example. I am happy about suitable suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


I don’t think they just circumscribe their work to “normal, common images” if you don’t see what you need, then:

1- Open a Request in Buyers Request and specify what you need, or
2- Ask the sellers of your choice (by surfing in that category) if they’re able to work with technical images (which most surely have, I also have, and many designers too)

Just because you don’t see it in their online portfolio doesn’t mean they cannot do it :+1:
Give it a try


Thank you (Vielen Dank :wink: