Graphics edit


I bought a banner here – wow, almost 2 years ago. Now I want to contact that same seller and purchase an edit. I found the name, but I can’t seem to search for their current offerings. Anyone know how?

It doesn’t seem appropriate to request a different graphic artist to edit someone else’s work. What’s the professional protocol there?


First off, what you bought is now your property so there is no impropriety in having another graphics artist edit the work.

Second, if you go back into your buying activity, find that purchase, and click on it You will then see the seller’s name. You can click on his/her name to see his/her gigs.

Hope that helps you out :slight_smile:


Seconding what anarchofighter has said above me ^

If the use you bought from has disappeared or closed his gigs, you can always shoot me a message and I’ll help you out. I specialize in graphic design work so I can be more than helpful to you and edit your work!

Again, it’s your work you can do whatever you want with it - although if you can’t find the seller it’s likely they have left fiverr or closed their gigs.